Maybe I should start writing again

It’s been a long while. 16 months as a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM) hasn’t been an easy ride. It was easier at first when Caleb wasn’t a whiney spoilt brat who cries at the slightest thing just for attention. It was easier when he weighed just a (small) bag of rice. It was easier when he wouldn’t play deaf and ignore all my pleas to get his ass in the bathroom for his shower.

Sigh. What have I gotten myself into?

It has been 6 months since he started going to school and countless of visits to the doctor and once warded for bronchiolitis that I feel must have been my fault. This boy has inherited my weak lungs, and bad temper, and stubbornness. Wtf.

He was once always crying at drop-off. Now it’s better, only fussing a bit when he feels like it. “A bit” is an understatement.

Other than that, I have never enjoyed my own me-time more when he’s in school. I could do the chores at my own pace, blast music and hold my own mini concert whilr I’m at it or even just be a couch potato binge watching my dramas. Sometimes I meet up with my fellow SAHMs for lunch/high tea or even out for fun. This journey has been fun and I hope it will continue to be.

So while I’m on my way to a steamboat lunch now, I pray hard the school doesn’t call me about Caleb having some issues and ruin my afternoon plans haha.

And yes, I think I should get back to blogging again. Til next time.


Oh man, what’s with the hiatus?

This morning I woke up from a pretty awful dream where both Leland and I completely forgot about our family trip and we didn’t pack a single thing. We were arguing about whether to go for the trip empty-handed, fly there and buy everything or rush back home to pack the basics. And we still gotta settle Casper!

I was practically panicking until I eventually had enough and snapped myself out of the dream and woke up.

Definitely not a good dream for me.

So while I laid in bed waiting for Caleb to wake up, it suddenly hit me that I still have this blog! Hence, this ‘checking-in’ post to make it less dead.

Quick update.

I’ve been a full-time stay-at-home-mum for the past 5 months and I’m loving every moment of it despite some minor pull-hair episodes. Monkey babies are monkey babies. Caleb does make me wanna scream and abandon him in the living room while I bawl my eyes out in the bathroom once in a while. I’m lucky I managed to maintain my sanity. Thankfully no PND.

Being a SAHM taught me to take things easy, chill and anticipate the shit coming my way. He’s bound to poo at least once (if lucky) to three times a day (active bowel movements period). He has his tempers and naughty moments. He has his demands and preferences when doing something.

I get jealous when he understands and carries out “hug and kiss Daddy” more enthusiastically than “kiss Mummy”. But at least I know for sure Caleb can chill with Daddy without much fuss when Mummy is busy or sick.

Caleb has been interacting a lot lately. Imitating, mostly, rather. But I’m pretty amazed he understands many words and sentences now. His most spoken words are ball, da-da and ma-ma. His favourite animals are panda and cat (for God knows what reasons). He loves disturbing Casper. By disturb, I mean patting him without proper control of his strength so it ends up like he’s abusing Casper at times. Casper is pretty chill with his younger brother around but gets annoyed whenever Caleb pats him or tries to sit on him. I get annoyed too when Caleb attempts to climb onto me like a carousel horse. I love it when he hugs me for no reason and lies on my chest like he’s seeking comfort. Thank you for giving me comfort too, baby.

Overall, this SAHM journey has been pleasant although I do wish Leland can be a tad more hands on. It’s getting better. Not perfect, but better. I’m thankful for his contribution too. It’s tiring but satisfying and I don’t regret making this big decision to witness my son growing up and hitting his milestones. I’m blessed, truly, for having the ability to take this journey. It might or might not be a temporary one, depending on situations in the near future. I do miss getting a bigger income, not allowance. I do miss having the capability of shopping senselessly. But I won’t exchange any of these for the time spent with Caleb.

The monkey is up and climbing around so it’s about time to end this update but not without a photo of Caleb for attention.

Til my next post!

29 weeks young

Caleb turns 29 weeks young. That means he reached his major 6-month milestone almost 3 weeks ago. I was extremely excited about this 6-month milestone because I’ve been wanting to let him try solids.

And he’s been surprising us with new achievements everyday. He’s able to sit up very steadily now without support and he can crawl! Goodness! His crawling is a sign of loss of freedom. We can never leave him alone for a second because he would be in a different position just turning away for a split second.

Look Ma, I can sit without support.

Look Ma, I’m crawling! Come catch me!

Earlier this week, he attempted to stand by pulling himself up with stuff in his way. This isn’t something we wanna celebrate yet. Him walking is a sign of loss of freedom. Can we even sit down for a minute without keeping our eyes off him? Hell no! Baby-proofing the house isn’t the most easy way out either.

He’s been pretty vocal lately as well, screaming his way to get our attention. Definitely working since I wouldn’t want the neighbours to think we are abusing him.

Caleb baby, you are growing very fast. I wish you could slow down a lil. Mummy is missing out on your milestones while at work.

I’m also fishing for time to be able to do a proper update but this will do for now. Caleb is extremely clingy to me whenever he sees my existence, otherwise he’s fine with my Mum. While I’m slogging hard at work to save up funds for his education and have some me time, I’m also missing him terribly. Leaving home for the office is the worst decision every single morning.

Loving this koala very much.

Anticipating the days I get to spend quality time with him.

20 weeks young

Now that I have some me-time (cos Mum’s doing her nanny duties), I am able to update this blog.

Time flew past so fast! It was Christmas then we bid goodbye to 2016 and hello 2017. Soon it will be CNY again!

Last CNY, we went visiting as newly-weds to give out angbaos and still got to receive them! Win-win! I was already pregnant then but we told no one. So when everyone advised us to faster pop one baby to recoup our angbao losses, we just kept quiet haha. And tadah! Caleb came along and he’ll be going visiting, collecting some angbaos too for his savings.

24 Dec – We had a Christmas Eve potluck gathering with some of Leland’s friends at home. Pretty sure Caleb enjoyed his time especially having so much attention on him haha. It was his first Christmas afterall. Everything is new to him.

Mummy, are you sure Christmas trees come in this size?

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