results r out…

results were out since tis morning dunno wat time. but weihan n i were trying to login to npal but the bloody page was DOWN!! the reason’s simple. every1’s trying to access it at the same time. -_-” so in the end i waited n waited. 1 am. 2 am. no results yet. n they (the sch) said 12th Nov!

slept at 6am. den i dreamt tt i was followed by some spirits. n my dad was in my dream as well. my dream took place in some lifts n staircase. n somehow mi n my dad were separated n we had to run frm those spirits. n i got home 1st but my dad was nowhere to be seen. den he called mi n told mi he’s stuck somewhere.. den…… i woke up.

sometimes i feel i can control my dreams. i can control when to end it. i woke up knowing tt im scared n shall not continue the nitemare. so i woke up at 9+am n realised no one’s awake. n mum’s out. den i went back to bed, tried not to slp but i still fell asleep. weiliang woke mi up by calling my home. n my dad was rather pissed cos it woke him. weiliang sounded terrible.. due to a sore throat. n he was flipping thru the papers for job vacancy, asking mi which job better.

den ben called mi n told mi the results r out. i logged on to npal… clicked on exam results… n i stared at the screen. well, i passed!! im like so happy!!! n to my surprise, there were many tt02 ppl online as well. syahriah passed as well… i called weihan n woke him to tell him abt the release of the results. he checked n he passed too!!! =) but to my dear classmates who didnt make it, dun be disappointed.. u’ll do better in the next exam.. hav faith in urself… =)

den i got ready to go out wif weiliang. he wanted to buy a bag at bugis village. so we met up at 1.30pm. not much changes on him. juz a new hp.. =) n he dyed his hair. at the ends.. he wanted to dye a “V” but it turned out like a “Y”… but its nice…

we went to eat n shop around.. blah blah blah. he didnt buy the bag he wanted cos too expensive. $35 for a bag tt isnt so nice. so he tot maybe he shud save up more n buy a better bag. we parted at orchard mrt at 6.15pm. he went to meet his fren to watch a play while i waited for the bus tt crawls…

i dozed off in the bus n i bet i looked ugly… urgh…. but the ride was long due to the jam n i couldnt help falling asleep. n i sat near the exit so ppl walked past n looked at mi sleeping. damn… muz be a bad sight for them..

sg idol: daphne is finally out!! seriously, i dun hate her. i juz dislike her. the way she sings, the way she talks, the way she dances, the way she smile, the way she performs n everything.. she doesnt seem natural on camera. n she sings to her own tune sometimes, making the song awfully awful.. i was being nervous for syahriah cos she wanted HER sylvester to stay.. n when gurmit announced sylvester was safe, syahriah n i exchanged sms of joy.. hohohoho..

talking abt hohoho.. its christmas next month.. n im wondering wat i shud get for my mum… any ideas??? pls give mi suggestions!!! thanx ppl…

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