I found these really sweet n wan u guys to know how lovely n supportive some of my frenz r to me when things go the wrong way.

Some of the things my frenz said tt made me feel better not long after tt tragic day:

“beautiful things will find a way to a beautiful u” – Daniel

“u r so sweeet n nice. all of us feels dat u deserve MUCH MUCH betta guy den him.. can think that u r lucky cos u can go find a guy hu can recognise u as a ‘bao’ ” – Eileen

“he’s nt the only one in dis world. u’ll meet sumwan sooo muuuuccchhh better.. trust me” – Syahriah

“i not gd at consoling ppl leh. so hmm don’t brood over it. let it be another new chapter in your life? for better or worse, only time will tell okie so crap” – Cedric kor

“dun brood over it … cheer up a bit … like u say .. cry it all out n 4get him” – Nana jie

Hahaha if u realised, its all about the after-breakup messages. Thanx for standing by me my frenz! There were more messages but i juz copied a few. Those whom i didnt mention, u’re not forgotten. Thanks to u all oso! As u guys can see, im actually quite ok already. Though i still think alot. But den again, its not worth crying. Hahaha

Wednesday rite… I was so damn late for IAC n CATS proj with Shuyan, Joey n Zhen Yao. Took a cab there n met Zhen Yao on the way. He was slowly taking his time to walk in lor. Proj turned out to be some talk-crap session. Den IAC was dumb. Chan Yoke Khiong did a human demo on abortion. He sat on the table, spreaded his legs n pretended his hands as the vacuum thingy to suck the foetus out. So he was indirectly carassing himself! In front of the whole class, fyi. So damn obscene. And becos our dear Joey doesnt know much about the birds n the bees, Chan YK had to go into details about sex. Lol. He said, “Juz becos of the 3 min of pleasure for the guys, the gers may risk being pregnant. N where r the guys? Gone!” or somethn like tt. Hahaha. He’s so anti-guy lor. But he’s rite about it though. Most guys i know r like tt la. Lol.

Cats was fun. We were early for cats n waited outside for the earlier class to come out. I saw them watching movie. That is wat i like about cats. We get to watch movies! Wei Ye was in the earlier class n he oso said the Cats teacher very diff from other tutors. We watched Eating Air, a local film made a few years back. Nice show! Haha. But too bad we didnt have time to finish it. Shall continue next week.

Went to find Chai Fong n Jun Xian next door. Wanted to go watch movie, White Noise, with them plus Joey n Shuyan. But we went home instead. Haha another day den watch ba. Saw Ben n the ger he’s seeing at the bus stop. I didnt know how to react so i chose not to look. Oh ya.. Wanted to say bye to Wei Ye but he boarded the bus already. Damn. Hahaha same bus as ben some more.

(i’ve decided that tis entry shall be the usual blabberings n nothn interesting)

Something inside me told me to be strong. I shouldnt even break out in tears. Not worth. My mum den asked me this when i reached home. “U got another bf huh?” I was like…. huh!! WTH! Where got so fast 1? So i was telling her it isnt that easy to get over blah blah blah.

Today. Met Han Jie, my long lost fren from cckss, on 184. We were catching up with each other. Haha not much change on him physically. Still the same ‘kid’ i used to see back at cckss. Joey, being the forever-so-nice boy, waited for me at bus stop. Actually is becos he wanna take my wcom notes to photocopy lor. Otherwise where got so nice? LOL! Den Chai Fong oso came so we made our way to school.

While on the way to lt38, we were talking about Joey going thru puberty. Sam Yeo said his puberty delayed. Haha wth. Haha no offence ar, Joey. Somehow i always enjoy lects at lt 38 n 45. Cos bigger group of students n usually the lecturers cant really see wat we’re doing. Lect ended at 10.30am. Our next lesson was at 3pm. That means 4.5 hr break! Cool~

Sam Yeo, Wei han, Lemuel, Syah n I hanged out at mambo after lunch. The guys were teaming up to play against one another while me n Syah erm… cheering? Hahaha Sam was saying playing pool with Lemuel is unfair cos Lemuel is so damn pro. Lol. Haha Joey oso not bad lor. Today his performance damn gd oso. Wei Han ok ok la. Dunno y like off form leh.

(I juz realised my blog oso abit long-winded n boring.. so i’ll have to end it soon)

While we were about to leave, Syah spotted ben. Den i spotted Fu Ann, Albert n Xiao Si. Oh. Not forgetting its Xiao Si’s bday today!!! Happy Birthday again to him. My 3rd time wishing him. Anyway, its oso ben’s bday. But…….. who cares? (Sorry to be mean but if it didnt end, u would have gotten a bday present from me. Not say i cheapskate or wat, after break no present but i simply cant bring myself to give it to u)

When we left, i saw the ger ben’s seeing.

We made our way back to school. Joey went home. Cos he got no poa. Lol. Paiseh Joey. The weather was farking hot! But glad it rained in the evening. POA was boring. We ended at 5 sharp. Waste of time. Had to rush home cos mum sick. Now she’s sleeping already. So I was in charge of dinner. Wanted to buy home. But she said she eat leftover kway tiao she bought in the noon. So my dinner i ate instant mee. How sumptous. Hur hur hur. Im blogging. N im gone.


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