Mummy’s back

Im having serious major fondue craving. Though its so damn easy to make, I’d rather go out n eat it. The feeling’s juz different. N becos its exam period so I hardly have time to make it to town. So after exams, Im gonna make fondue n have a small gathering with my frenz. Hahaha..

Went school for BCA test today. Quite ok. Access was rather tough but excel had a higher weightage in the paper so I guess I will pass.

After test, Shidah (Syah’s fren) came to eat our ‘famous’ chicken chop. Lol. Though its nice, it isnt that nice to the extent of coming all the way to NP juz to eat it. But Shidah said it was not bad. =P Went to JP with them n Wei Han cos its Hakim’s bday tmr n we wanted to get a bday card for him n let the whole class write nice things on it. Tmr got bbq at albert’s place to celebrate Hakim’s 18th bday! Yeah~ Missed the time at the class chalet.. During dinner, Wei Han blurted out something damn funny tt drove the 3 of us gers crazy. We burst out in laughter at the same time! But I shall spare him the agony by not revealing wat he said. Hahaha. Den when we took the mrt home, he had to go for his driving lesson. But tt goondu forgot to bring his booklet!!! He already alighted at the mrt station den made a detour back into the train. Hahaha dumb dumb.. So he had to rush home to take it n rush back down to BBDC. So funny!!!

Talking about birthday, it was Nana Jie’s bday ytd (21/3). My dear Nana jie went to Langkawi with her bf to celebrate her bday n juz returned last nite. Sweet rite? =) So I hereby wish her a Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Hahaha Nana jie, though I wish u already, I still wanna make known ur bday to all my readers. Hurhurhur… u guys reading, better rmb 21st march, every year!!

Oh ya, a continuation from my previous entry.. My mum is back in S’pore! She did enjoy herself over there but somehow she couldnt take her mind off on family matters. Haiz. But at least she had some time to relax, otherwise she’d be so stressed up. Sis n I decided to give her a surprise by appearing at the airport to fetch her home. The moment we saw mummy at the arrival hall, we started laughing. Her face was flushed up. She had champagne on the plane. Enjoy lor. Business class some more. She had 1 room n 1 King-sized bed to herself at Intercontinental Hote, Jakartal!! I was so damn jealous! So nice of her to tell us that she was having hydrotherapy or watever massage over there. Jealous jealous jealous!!! Ok, back to airport scene. My mum gets red easily when she consumes liquor. Imagine a tomato-face woman walking around at the Duty-Free shops at the airport. Hilarious! Tt’s y me n sis couldnt stop laughing.

Back at home. She was showing off those stuff that she bought. Haha abit paiseh to mention, but she bought imitation handbags. Haha n kept saying imitation oso nice wat. Anyway, aunties r like tt rite?

Enough of crap on my mum’s trip. Haha c ya guys soon, I hope.

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