A post for 3 special people

To the very special Kaixin, Eileen and Beibei,

My dearest friends, I am missing you guys damn lot you know? I missed the times we went out together and crapped and laughed and joked about everything we could think of. Please please please meet up with me very very soon after exams ok?

Beibei, I know your A levels coming damn soon and you have to really study hard! So meet up with all of us after your papers. I hereby wish you best of luck for all your papers! When wanna chill at your place again? And I kinda missed eating at ‘Let’s Eat’. Let’s go there when we’re free ok?

Leen, you busy busy girl. Busy with common tests 2 and exams. But a very BIG THANK YOU for the VERY belated birthday present you passed me yesterday! I had an ‘enjoyable’ time trying to open it. Thanks again. Meet up soon ok? Come my place for instant noodles la!

Kaixin, you have been so busy ever since school started for you. But it’s nice to see you adapting to poly life and mixing with your friends. Enjoy it even more but don’t ever neglect your studies ok? It’s not worth repeating any module at all! Meet up for dinner soon ya?

That’s about it for just the 3 of you. =)

With love,
Chel-chel =P


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