DF and the yandao boy

Friday at DF was really a wise choice. Because the yandao singer was there!


I was so hoping he was there because he wasn’t last Friday.

So I put on my $25 dress and left home with a happy mood.

This dress is only 25 bucks!

I stepped into DF (again without being checked) and heard a guy singing on stage. And realised it was him.

This is the clearest photo I have of him. =(

Unfortunately, we didn’t take many photos of ourselves either. Cos I was too busy trying to take his photos.

A welcome photo. I was still sober.

Our prettiest photo of the night. =)

My mouth looks weird because there was a piece of ice inside.

The ladies. Jeslin, Ruyi, Alexis, Me and Kaixin.

Guoliang aka Philip with two babes.

That’s about it for DF that night. I got pretty moody after Yandao left. Couldn’t even dance. I wasn’t even drunk.

Will blog about the choir steamboat when I wake up. I just dozed off in front of my laptop for a bit. 3 hours sleep a day is really draining me out.


3 thoughts on “DF and the yandao boy

  1. To wuming: Thanks for your concern =) But I’m sure when I start working officially, I will sleep on a regular basis.

    To piggyxin: Ya la! Took so little photos. The photos not very good quality also. Think my phone got prob. Luckily I got take photo b4 I went out. Hehehe.


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