When I’m bored at work

I take photos.

That is, only if our facilitator, Grace, isn’t around.

Other than that, I’ll be msn-ing or surfing the net.

The company’s a bit anal about us surfing friendster. Luckily there’s such a thing called Mozilla Firefox. My saviour.

So I started adding my colleagues into Friendster.

office lady
Taken yesterday. I wore a dress to work.

Fyi, that’s a lanyard for my handphone.

So I met up with Hector for dinner after work yesterday. We had pastamania. I went on and on about me being an Office Lady. Haha. Don’t blame me. It’s my first office job!

And plus, I think office ladies are damn hot. I mean, those young ones with good figures, pretty faces and dress nicely. =)

Today, I decided to go cool yet sensual. Lol.

office lady
I love the top! From osmose! Very sexy can?

So today right, as usual, I took the private bus. Anyway, the private bus works this way. It’s just an external service provided. Anyone living around Bukit Panjang can call up and reserve a seat. The bus goes round the area and picks up the working people at specific pick up points. After he’s done with picking up, he sends us all to specific drop off points in town and the city area.

So just nice, my mum and I both take the bus (because we both work in Raffles Place). But she alights earlier than me, at Fullerton, and me, opposite SGX Centre 2. That’s exactly where I’m working at. =)

But one thing is that I reach my workplace at 8.10am every morning! I start at 8.30am!

Then I’ll just go to the washroom and freshen up for a bit before strolling to my office.

Today’s training was damn boring (what’s new?). Didn’t really doze off lah. Just had to turn my chair here and there to distract myself. Sometimes I will just find some things to laugh to myself about. Then my colleagues will look at me and giggle for a bit.

I’m just glad that Grace can be quite busy so she will step out of the room once in a while. That’s when the mice will play.

I seek you guys’ understanding. When I don’t reply you in Msn, it doesn’t mean I’m being rude. From where I sit, it’s impossible for me to even look at my msn window because Grace stands right beside me when she’s teaching. =(

me n alex
Christine (korean chick) was exploring her new handphone she just bought. She took this photo of me and Alex.

I told her not to take candid shots. She could simply tell me that she wanted to take a photo and I would gladly pose for her. =D

me n alex
There. Isn’t this better? But I gotta admit I look serious in the previous photo. And that’s my pretty purple water bottle.

Usually, I will mention more about whichever guy I took a photo with. But Alex is taken. That’s why.

I actually took a photo of how our ‘classroom’ looks like. But it’s using Alan’s phone. Haven’t gotten the photos from him yet. Oh by the way, Alan’s single. Any takers? Will post his photos up soon. Hehe.

There was a farewell party for one of the staff today. The manager came into our ‘classroom’ personally with 2 boxes of Coffeebean cakes and told us to help ourselves.

choco treats
They are really good and cheap too!

Xue Qi pasted me a link to the new variety show hosted by ASOS. And I spent my last 30 minutes watching them with Alan.

what i do at work
Quite funny lah. Except I was more occupied with Msn.

To end this post…

me office lady

me lazing

Can you guys see the word HAPPY written on my face? Hehe.


2 thoughts on “When I’m bored at work

  1. You look so much better in the pictures with Alex compared to the others you posted, especially the first picture. Looking at the 2 pictures, I had mistaken you 2 as a couple if I did not know better. That smile was so radiant.

    By the way, your dressing in the picture in Alex looks much better than the other pictures too. Less does not always mean more.


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