It’s all about DF

My blog is getting boring. Cos all I ever do is post up clubbing photos.

For the past 2 Fridays, my mood was really foul. All thanks to him. So it made my clubbing nights more drunk than usual. Probably, I was finding ways to forget everything I saw and hopefully wishing to feel better and stop hiding somewhere to cry.

On a happier note, I decided to post up 3 DF nights worth of photos. Probably you may consider not looking at them since it might take a while to load them.

Think twice before you click ok?

20 July 2007

A continuation of this post.

I guess it’s become a routine that we drop by DF every Friday night to chill out after a long week of hectic work.

If I were to go straight home after work on a Friday, it will feel just too weird. Plus, my mum would be surprised to see me at home on a Friday night. And she’ll probably start asking about my Friday night plans.

I was waiting for Kaixin and Guoliang at Vivo after work. Guoliang went to pick Kaixin up from school and sent her home to change.

After some touching up

we made our way to DF.

I was checked for my IC again.

That’s the Sony T100 I’m eyeing. It’s so incredibly sexy!

I cannot remember a single time we went there without taking photos. Especially when Kaixin is around.

Pretty right? I think Kaixin looks pretty with her hair pinned up like this.

That’s Guoliang, the ultimate Mr. Nice Guy.

My favourite photo of the night. The colour was so dreamy.

We actually shared table with these 4 uncles. They were kind enough to let us share. And they also gave up their table to us when they left. Best was they didn’t keep their unfinished liquor when they left.

However, one of the uncle made a very rude comment.

“You girls dare to come without booking a table ah?”

Tell me, rude or not? Are we not supposed to go have fun even if we couldn’t get a table?

Jack Daniel was theirs. And Chivas was Guoliang’s.

But sad to say, we didn’t like Jack Daniel at all.

Eh. I dont know whose hand was that at the bottom of the photo, just in front of my chest.

Jeslin and Alvin came not too long after.

And my cousin, Adrian, so happened to text me and asked if I was at DF. I had no idea why he even knew I would be there.

So yea, I told him I was there, and he said he was at Movida and that he will come look for me for a while.

Adrian aka Ah Boy (a nickname my whole family calls him).

So he came and we started playing 5 10 with the rest. He had to go pick Claudia up after work to head home so he couldn’t touch any liquor.

Talk about responsibility. Heh.

He left after a while. But I got his sms asking me not to get drunk yet, he would be coming back with Claudia.

You know how much I love Claudia? She’s the nicest girlfriend among the rest of the my cousins’ other halves.

We were both hugging the perfect girlfriend.

Claudia knocked off at 1am. Which crazy company lets their employees end work at 1 freaking am? So anyway, I guess it was a long day for her, that’s why they left after a while.

The best clubbing khakis you can ever find.

The eye candy.

So in my other post, I was saying there were fights and police checks. It so happened that that night was the eye candy’s birthday as well! Was it 20th night or 21st morning?

And we left when the club closed.

Drunk. Tired.

But happy. =)

– – – – –

27 July 2007

It was the worst Friday I ever had. Due to some stupid sms my Dad texted me.

Totally spoilt my day. But who gives a fuck? I was going Dragonfly!

With Alex, Christine and Wanjun, that is! And what’s better than getting my first official pay after graduation?

I was so gonna give the lovelies a treat, and I did!

I bought the dress for just 22 bucks, with Kaixin.

We are pretty. XD

We all love Kaixin.

We all love Wanjun.

But I still love her most.

Kaixin + Wanjun = Perfect combo for clubbing

Somewhere before Guoliang arrived, Christine made a move because she wasn’t feeling too well. She wasn’t feeling well before we came that’s why she didn’t drink much.

And not too long after, Guoliang came down. He just touched down from Japan and rushed down to meet up with us.

Alex, me, Kaixin, Guoliang

At some point of time, I was telling Wanjun we should act cute and take photos. You know? Just to see how we looked if we tried acting cute.

Apparently, we failed. Or was it just me? Haha.

After a few more attempts, we gave up.

Wanjun looks like she’s smelling me. So how I smelt? Good eh?

I think I couldn’t put the glass down for too long that night.



Wanjun, stop looking so fierce!

I felt the sudden rush of emotions in me that particular night, at a particular point of time. And all I did was break down in tears. Somehow, I freaked the rest out.

The two girls started comforting me and soon after, I was up and jumping again.

I guess that night wasn’t the least pleasant for me since much has happened.

But still, I wouldn’t stop myself from having fun.


Seh liao is it? Don’t know what the hell we were staring at.

Red madness!

For the picture below, if you’re a kid, make sure your parents aren’t around. If you’re a parent, make sure your kids aren’t around.

This photo just looked so damn wrong!

Somehow, I wasn’t quite convinced that I couldn’t do the finger-on-my-cheek pose. So I tried it again with Kaixin.

Ok. This shall be the last time you see such a photo appearing on my blog.
Seems like only one person can do this pose successfully. Hehe right, Eileen?

I still prefer giving my attitude face.

Kaixin looks seductively delicious here that I tried to lick her.

I must be tired. That explains the faded make up. =(

After not too long, we decided to go off first.

And that was when I made this post. =) At least it was something worth smiling for.
– – – – – – – – – –

3 August 2007

Kaixin was ill, therefore she missed out DF night with us. Initially, the plan to go down was cancelled. But somehow, Guoliang and I felt that this Friday would be damn boring if we didn’t go.

So I contacted Jeslin and asked if she was going down. She was. And I asked Alex to come along as well.

Besides, Guoliang booked a table already. =)

Alex and I went to Vivo right after work. And we had dinner at Shih Lin. 1 bowl of mee sua made me bloated. In fact, I finished 3/4 and Alex finished the 1/4 for me, plus his 1 bowl.

And then, he decided to go queue for donuts since he wasn’t full.

I swear to the donut makers. The queue is that freaking long because the staff are so freaking slow! Is this their strategy to create the impression that their donuts are that worth queuing for? Kill me can? The staff were there to show their faces or serve us huh? The girl who took the order had half her face covered with her fringe and she kept flinging her fringe up. Ever heard of hair clips? And please! You’re in the F&B line. Hygiene!!

So Alex bought half a dozen of donuts and I ate like 3 mouthfuls of 1 donut. He finished the rest. Lol.

Soon after, Guoliang came down and we went with him to have dinner before proceeding to DF.

We reached and found out our table was given to some other people. And that left me and Guoliang pissingly pissed. Hello? We booked the table leh! How can you give it to someone else?

In the end, they offered us somewhere BEHIND where we were DAMN FAR from the stage lah! Only thing good was it was sofa seats.

The waiter then told us his manager will attend to us shortly.

In the end, the manager said he couldn’t give us a table at the front that night but promised he will give us a good spot the next time we’re there.

Initially, it was just me and the two guys. We played 5 10 and I kinda lost quite badly.

In less than an hour, I was already un-100% sober. But could still go on.

Oh oh! And the group beside our table, there was one guy who looked like 大天二 from 古惑仔。Damn shuai can? Damn wu seh one! Guoliang and I couldn’t stop staring at him.

Soon after, Jeslin came with her boyfriend. And she said her friend got a table at the front. So we all joined them.

Without Kaixin around means lesser photos. =(

So no choice lor. Take with him and him. Hurhur.

The night was quite high for me. Because my Friday was ruined again. Like for the fuckieth time. Seriously, why can’t you just stay out of my life? Like your life isn’t pathetic enough? Stop ruining mine!

That’s why I couldn’t stop drinking.

At one time, my head was on the table and I was sleeping.

30 minutes, they said, I was asleep.

When I woke up, I drank again. Haha. Sounds familiar? Remember the last time I went Zouk?

That’s Alex’s signature hand sign.

Jeslin is such a sweet person to go clubbing with. =)

Don’t annoy me. I swear I will stare.

Ok. I swear that’s about it. No DF night this week. Mahjong with my colleagues instead. =D

And then we’ll wait for Kaixin to finish her exams before we go party again!


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