Was just telling a friend about 2 nights ago. The next day, it was published on the Newpaper. Apparently, a few customers complained about receiving tops that looked completely different from what they see on the website.

And I was one of those customers, except I didn’t write in to complain. So I was talking to her about our experiences with

I bought 3 tops from them and they were major disappointments. 2 of them are up in my store already, awaiting to sell away, while the other, I’m unable to post up cos I can’t find the photo on their website to post it on mine. (By the way, I’ve reduced the price of the tops in my store to get more wardrobe space. So if you girls aren’t picky about the quality, feel free to visit my store.)

1) I was shocked at their material quality. It was definitely not the worth the money I paid. And the tag on the tops were all in Chinese, as if they were made in China. I don’t mean products made in China are lousy. I initially thought their goods were from Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Because I believe I would never pay the amount of a Korean top for a China one.

2) Yea, I felt overcharged, despite the free delivery. (See the banner on the right?)

3) 1 top among the 3 was in the wrong colour.

tell me where got orange

Stated on their website for this top, Colour: Pink, Black, Red, Green.

And they sent me a orange top instead. Bright orange! I swear a colour blind can tell the difference.

So I dropped them an sms saying they sent me the wrong colour. They said, “That’s the colour we have. Do you want to exchange for another colour instead?” I turned them down. Just my luck. For this top, the material is actually still ok. If you like orange, then don’t hesitate already.

4) I should never get free size tops anymore. Especially from online shops. They are way too big for me.

The only relief was that the tops I received looked the same as what I saw in the photos.

So my friend told me the tops she bought were ok but her aunt bought from them and said the quality is really bad.

I kinda regret not posting this up earlier to warn people about I guess it’s never too late. If you’re a picky and fussy customer who really cares about “What you see is what you get”, is definitely NOT the online shopping place for you.


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  1. hi
    juz read abt ur unpleasant experience with Shoplah!
    mysel;f is a victim.
    they expect prompt payment yet is totally horrible when it comes to dealing with their customers.
    emails were unreplied, calls were untaken and msn msgs were ignored.
    was merely asking for a simple request of track number but was being ignored totally.
    i paid for my items on the 6th dec 2007 and hav nt received any news since. oni one on last wk 18 dec 2007 which was abt 2wks aft my payment to enquire abt my items. was brush off with single word answers. sayin it wld be sent out dat wk. but till now nth is received.
    am nt sure if its gonna be a con experience.
    any idea on where can i complain if i do nt receive my items? paid $100+ and yet received such sucky attidue.

    pls advice.


  2. To Eileen:

    Hi Eileen, I’m so sorry to hear about your case. I thought Shoplah would actually do something about their goods and services after someone had written into the Newpaper. But from what you said, it seems they haven’t improved any bit after so much uproar.

    I have not revisited their site ever since my first and last purchase. They really do have some attitude problem with their service.

    Unfortunately, I only have limited ways to deal with them. One is to post my incident on my blog and the other is by word of mouth. I feel I have to warn my friends about

    Probably you wanna email, sms, msn (or any other way you can contact them) and wait another day or two to see if they have done anything. Otherwise, you can write in to the papers.

    I hope they do something about it before matters are being blown up. Again.

    Good luck, Eileen!


  3. I’m quite lucky not to be one of those customers of but unfortunately,an ex customer of

    Are you certain of recommending their site to others, sweetie?

    Apparently,whatever bad experience you had with them is almost the exact bad (if not,much worst) experience that I had with

    I bought 5 tops from their online site and was given the wrong top despite receiving confirmation that the purchased items had been reserved for me.

    First issue:
    After payment went thru successfully, they informed that the ‘Black pinafore dress’ is out of stock and asked whether I’m ok with the Pink one instead. As I was really keen on the Black one, I replied stating that I dun mind waiting for new stocks arrival.

    Second issue:
    After alerting them about the wrong top via email, they replied that it was a “mistake done by their logistics department”! They added that the initial top I ordered is out of stock (yet again!).

    By then, my patience is already wearing thin cos this is totally ridiculous & unacceptable.Reason being,if you ever purchased from their online site before.. You would definitely know that after indicating your interests on the products, it will take abt a working day or two for them to confirm on stock availability prior to send an email informing you to make payment to their UOB or DBS savings account no.

    However, despite that email confirmation that I received from them and payment being promptly made to their UOB savings account no..They still have the cheek to tell me the 2 tops that I purchased were out of stock!

    That only goes to show that the so~called “stock availability checks” by their Logistic dept is NOT RELIABLE afterall.

    I had to mail back the wrong top to their office located at Eastern part of SG via normal postage and was given with no other choice but to choose 2 other tops as replacement.

    I leave it to your wise decision, whether or not is worth your recommendation on this post.If you wanna know whether I’m stating the truth, feel free to email me and I would gladly forward you all the email correspondences that I had with

    Till then,take gd care! 🙂


  4. Hi Nora, thanks for your comment on your experience with Sorry to hear that however I didn’t encounter such an experience with them. In fact, it was quite a pleasant one.

    Well, I only bought 2 dresses from them and received my package within a week or lesser. I don’t really remember. That was the only time I bought from them and a long time ago. I never bought anything else from them because 1) nothing else attracted me and 2) there are cheaper online shops elsewhere, so yup. As for their efficiency now, I can’t comment.

    This post of mine doesn’t focus on them. I only wanted to warn other consumers about ShopLah.

    As for your bad experience with them, I guess we can only say we, as online consumers, will still have a kind of risk when doing online shopping. There are bound to be human err. We probably not shop from the same shop anymore and scout for other better ones 🙂

    Take care girl!


  5. Hi Rachelyn,

    I myself another victim of Shoplah.
    Spent abt $200+ from them and up till now few of the items have not bn delivered. This has been goin on for 2 mths.
    Items that has arrived was not in a gd condition or quality and not even a TAG was attached to it. Totally sucks big time.
    In fact i was told to deliver the items back to their end.

    Have to spend another of the registered postage fee. 😦

    Thus when they receive the items they claim one of it they can’t find anything wrong with it.
    In fact there is a big hole, I wonder where they put their eyes ??
    Told them I would come down personally at their location so that I can show them the hole even thou they reside at east area.
    But they reject me down as they said only wholesale orders are allowed and even I tried to contact them few times from different numbers,
    They never seem to answer their mobile phone.
    They even said in the email that they would not hold responsbile for the delay. Then what the use of stating providing the best service from their site??

    Well I have feedback this to New Paper today so that they could publish regards to this company and warn others not to be a victim from this company.
    And I would still monitor if they would deliver the items else I would bring this to case. 😦

    Tk care gal.


  6. To Diana: Hey girl. Sorry for the late response.

    So have you received your items from I was really shocked to see you purchasing such a big order from them yet still receive such a bad service. Seems like they are really out to cheat online consumers regardless of the amount spent. I must say, this should be brought up to the media AGAIN or, even better, to CASE so that they can be removed from the market so no more consumers will be victims.

    Take very good care!

    To Wee: Hi. Thanks for the link. I’ve read through the forum about and realised there are many more victims out there falling into the hands of the ugly online shop. Hope you’re not one of them though. Take care.


  7. I almost wanted to purchase a few prom dresses from but my friends warned me against it-They told me to check if can be trusted or not as many ppl have been victims of the online shop…I was glad that i havent placed any orders from them yet…What if the dresses arrive afer the prom?Then i’d have to spend money on another dress…


  8. To syasya92: Hi. Glad that your friends warned you about them beforehand. Even if you received the items on time for your prom, I guess you would be greatly disappointed with the quality.

    Look around for other online shops. You’ll find more trustworthy ones. 🙂


  9. I regretted for not doing research abt Shoplah before I made any purchase! Didn’t know they’re really such a suck!
    Poor quality, late delivery and damn bad cstr service… I shld have said “No cstr service” at all!

    I was disappointed with the quality that I received and email to them that item not as per their website. They told me cannot judge based on picture??? I shop online and ask me cannot judge from the picture? What can I refer to then??

    They even dare to said that I am a rude cstr and they do not welcome rude cstr. Said I unreasonable???? Really don’t have cstr service at all. How can they survive till now???

    I want to post their rude email in forum then I realised there are many out there having the same problem… Cannot imagine..

    Pls do not shop online with “Shoplah”. U will regret for life!


  10. I am one of the victim as well. asked them about the delivery date but they asked me to refer to their terms & conditions on their website replying when I can get my items and only commented they will send the items paid and try to brush me off.

    I said they do not have good customer service and don’t treat their customer nice and they told me I don’t deserve it. What the f**K!! I only want to know when can I get my items, is that very hard? I am really very angry and wonder how can we get them punished?


  11. Omg!! Too late for me to see all these comments. Just ordered and made payment for 2 tops. guess i made the wrong decision. should have gone online to do some research before making payment. STUPID! DAMN IT!


  12. Wah, I should have double check before ordering and payment. Because my pass experience with Victoria Secret is great so…. I should have known better, china stuff & their people are nothing good.


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  14. I don google the reputation too before I buy. Now really gotta learn my lesson from this bought 2 dress from shop la. But now never receive any thing yet. And he said he had it sent out the week before by register mail!

    Don u gers make police report against him? I believe if quite a number of us go together the police sure take action against him.


    1. It’s extremely important for internet buyers to research before making purchases online cos we never know which online shops are reliable and which are not. But I guess even if we make police report against Shoplah we would still be on the losing end since Shoplah has lots of excuses for their inferior quality and horrible service. And moreover, they have ‘a huge customer base’ so even if a few of us don’t shop with them, they still have support from their ‘huge customer base’.


  15. Hi. I believe I’m a new victim of It has been 2 weeks and shoplah hasn’t given me any notification after my purchase at all. I’m going to give them one more week and will send them an email tonight. I agree with Rachelle that we can at least give it a shot to lodge a report against them. Even if there isn’t a high chance to get back the money, at least we have attempted to seek justice for loss and prevent more pple from becoming their preys. Would there be anyone with me to make up the numbers to take legal action against them?


    1. I believe they have been on several news regarding their whole business management and products quality but it doesn’t seem to help cos they always have their reasoning. Kinda disappointed that so many people are still supporting them after all these drama.


  16. Hi I am getting nervous with as I have already placed an order with them. Regretted not doing some research before purchase. I tried to google for the news report on them but was unable to find any. With so many negative experiences, why are they still existing?? Can CASE help people like us?

    Details of order.

    Order on 18th Aug 2010,
    Paid on 19th Aug 2010
    Inquire on status of order on 27th Aug 2010
    Reply on 28th Aug 2010 (only when I question on my order) as below copy and paste :-


    There is a delay to the shipment. The delay is due to the recent heavy
    orders on our supplier side thus resulting into some restocking to take
    place and hence cause a delay in the shipment of items to Singapore.

    We are sorry about that and we are already looking into this matter.Once
    the shipment has arrived in Singapore, we would update you regarding your
    orders and send out your items asap.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    I have wrote to ask for a date to the order and yet to receive any. I hope more people will read about it that it is STILL happening now.


  17. Shoplah’s service really sucks. I know what you mean about the colour blindness part. I too ordered a dress that was suppose to be pink but when it arrived it was orange instead. When I send back the dress for an exchange, Shoplah claimed that it didn’t even receive it and didn’t allow for an exchange or a refund. Very unethical and unprofessional..the guy who owns Shoplah is called Reeve and he was very rude and sarcastic about the whole thing on email when I told him that I will complain to Case about the matter…he just said go ahead. Anyway I went to Case but that didn’t help at all as this Reeve guy was not even fazed.So no refund and no exchange. I think he’s very pro in dealing with all these backlashes since he’s so experienced in handling complaints. Buyers beware!! Don’t ever shop from Shoplah.


  18. i ordered 3 tops from shoplah but 1 didn’t come. i actually emailed them quite a number of times to ask for the refund but they never did reply. anyone has any idea who can we look for to solve these problems or take any legal actions against them?


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