Tech chic

“What’s up with you and IT nowadays?”

Recently, I have the urge to spend on IT gadgets. Just blogging about it cos madcow made a remark about me and IT gadgets.

It’s time I spoil myself a lil with these babies, from all the pain and tears at work in exchange for the attractive pay.

Psst. Did anyone remember it’s my last day tomorrow?? *grins*

I have a strong thirst for slim and sleek gadgets nowadays. The slimmer and lighter it is, the more I like it.

First up, I want a PDA phone. This was like a wish since forever (but not as strong as how much I want a pup maltese. At least this is more possible than having a pup maltese). The reason why I wanted it was because I wanted to have my Harry Potter ebooks in a device that supports PDF so I can read them when I’m on the go.

I hardly even touch my Harry Potter ebooks because I never had the interest to read it when I’m home with my laptop. I would rather do other things online such as shopping or reading e-news.

For now, I want a PDA phone because I want a PDA phone. Spoilt, you may say. But I really wanna get one, especially when the HTC Touch is such a sleek and sexy lil thing. Saw the reviews about it, weren’t too good for the functions but everyone is praising the size and weight of it! It’s a definite yes to have a small and slim PDA. It has Wi-Fi, at least. That’s good enough. If I want 3G, I can use my current phone (which of course doesn’t support Wi-Fi.)

I don’t need LV or Coach to satisfy me (cos Guess is enough =D). Haha. Throw me one pretty big faux soft leather bag so I have space for my new gadgets and I’ll be happy enough.

So god-damn pretty!

Aiming to get it below 400 bucks. Maybe I can trade in my old Nokia 6680 since it’s used as decorative now.

– – – – –

I don’t remember mentioning that my mum got a free iPod Classic. Her company gave each and every employee in her Sports Club one iPod Classic. There were 58 members in the Sports Club.

According to her, her Sports Club was terminated and they used the remaining funds to get a small gift for everyone.

Right. The gift is really small lah! $428 for one iPod Classic 80GB and they give it freely like that! I swear I must find a company like my mum’s. Moreover, there were 58 members! Someone help me calculate how much they spent in total.

While other colleagues of my mum wants to sell the iPod, my sister and I are fighting for the ownership of my mum’s iPod. So now, we’re sharing but I get to hold it simply because I’m the youngest and I don’t earn as much as my sister. *smirks*

I’ve got the black one. OMG. So nice!

I get so excited when I have new toys. =D

Moreover, I have a iPod Shuffle already. A gift from madcow. He said he won me over with that shuffle. What rubbish??

– – – – –

I almost wanted to get the new PSP Slim when I saw it at Sony. Oh gosh. I was telling Eileen last time I wanted a PSP but it was expensive. Now the PSP Slim is only $318! That includes all the memory stick and accessories.

Just one thing. I don’t really know why I need this.


5 thoughts on “Tech chic

  1. hahaha I can’t believe it! great mind think alike, to think we are blogging about similar topic!

    was stunned when I finished blogging and the moment I saw your blog, I am like WOW freaky haha!


  2. bei: the last I saw was $318 wor. haha but i haven’t buy. maybe put on hold 1st cos my colleague might be buying in bulk for my other colleagues. hehe.

    nana jie: haha the touchy topic. everything’s having touch-screen function liao.


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