On my journey…

to being a tai-tai.

It was my last day at work on Friday. My mood was obviously good for that day.

A couple of weeks back, I made an order of 84 donuts with Donut Factory. That’s exactly 7 boxes of 12 and the bill was around 1 buck per donut.

One box just vanished. I guessed someone stole it.

Madcow helped me collect the donuts from the new outlet at Suntec and walked over from there to my office for fear that the donuts will be crushed if he took the train. My office is beside Lau Pa Sat, fyi.

So he came in around 4pm with two big bags of donuts and I was on a call then. After that, Chung Li and I went distributing the donuts to my colleagues and well, to some other people in the office whom I do not know.

It was actually my virgin donut factory experience. I say they are not bad.

After the distribution, I went round taking photos with my colleagues.

Christine, the korean chick.

She started work the same time as me and it seems she’s leaving pretty soon.

Yolenda, the Hong Kong babe.

Jun Nan, the one who started 琴妹.

Draven, the Malaysian weird uncle (怪叔叔)who likes bringing little girls to parks.

One of his favourite line is,


Emily, my Malaysian disciple.

Elaine, the Singaporean lady with a sexy voice.

Chung Li, my Taiwanese 师公 (mentor’s mentor).

He never fails to ogle at the 小可爱 of the office.

Kelly, the Hong Kong babe.

She helped me pick out a dress from Tera Club.

Jennifer aka 黄妈妈, the Taiwanese mother and proudly my disciple as well.

She has 3 kids but still is thinner than me.

Victor, my Singaporean super-duper-nice boss.

He’s the one who always approve my MCs and leaves.

People I didn’t take photo with because my camera died out just after the next few photos:
1. Alan Leong (took long unpaid leave)
2. Alan Law
3. Benjamin (my other disciple)
4. Lews
5. Zemin
Surprisingly, my office has very little girls and women.

Last but not least, my office.

The office has expanded many times since I started work.

My desk has been my work area, eating area and sometimes my sleep area.

The machine that caused me all the woes.

I was just pretending to be working, for the sake of a last photo at work.

Tell me, does the headset look too big on me?

Photo taken on madcow’s last day.

Haha. Now that I’ve left, he’s actually going back to work during his school break.

I don’t miss my work. I kinda miss the colleagues around me. Everyone’s so fun and easy to get along with. But there are a handful who don’t really care about getting along with the rest. These people I usually ignore unless they step on my toes.

I was glad that the donuts were finished. Some people gave such good support that they took 5 or 6 donuts from me. I didn’t have enough to bring down for Sulian. Sorry girl.

So after that, we went for dinner and proceeded to KTV. It was one helluva night. Drinking and singing and card-playing. I was shocked at how well some of my new colleagues sing. Chung Li sounds like Ah Du, while Nala sounds like Andy Hui and Leo Ku, and Nicholas who looks like JJ Lin, sounds like Jay Chou and many other male artistes. Kelly sounds like Fan Wei Qi. My goodness. Talk about pressure when singing with them.

The night ended early for me and madcow because I was tired. And that was my incredible last day at work.


4 thoughts on “On my journey…

  1. Moo! the donuts are nice la!! I ate 5 lo! hehe! Hope u’ll rest well during this period.. U deserve it! Lets go out and play after my exams k!!


  2. SuLian: haha donut cute ma. i cant imagine u with a donut face though.

    Madcow: hehe thanx baby for ur support. i guess u were too hungry that day. i shall start planning our activities after ur exams k??


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