To end off 2007

Before the year ends, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at 2007 and see what I’ve been through.

So the list goes…

Set up a list of NY resolutions for 2007 with more than half unfulfilled.

Had Chalazion.

I was still schooling, having crazy fun with my classmates.

Had lots of assignments, projects and presentations to rush.

Did up a business plan.

Realised that morning calls never worked on me.

Faced with the biggest pressure of final final exams, and on V-day.

Had my first paid manicure.

Permed my hair.

Felt tremors at my place with Eileen spending the night over.

Passed my exams and graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Bought a new handphone.

Heard news that a pet shop was closing down and giving dogs away. Got me real excited over it but turned out to be a scam.

Had an incredible amount of mood swings and PMSy times.

Kena cheated into buying a laptop for some fucker who eats soft rice.

Worked at a few Nokia roadshows and earned quite a bit of money.

Got nostalgic over Disney cartoons and started downloading heaps of them.

Turned 20.

Rebonded back my hair at the suckiest hair salon.

Felt that women are troublesome creatures.

Lost weight.

Gained weight.

Fallen sick too many times.

Was fucking two-timed by the fucker who eats soft rice.

Got a job.

Got addicted to Dragonfly.

GST increased again!

Met great colleagues at my job. =)

Bought a camera, Sony T100, for myself.

Fell in love.

Received loads of presents.

Quit my job.

Visited the hospital two days in a row with bills that were over 300 bucks!

My asthma acted up again and was quite bad.

Ah… Facebook. I’m sure most of the people I know were hooked when it was first introduced.

Almost killed someone.

First virgin experience with Donut Factory on my last day of work.

Bought a new bed and many other furniture from Ikea.

Sold my handphone.

Went to farmway and fell deeply in love with the malteses!!

Cooked for family and relatives on Christmas eve.

Bought something that will probably anger my mum but this shall wait till next year. =)

There. That’s a list of both important and unimportant things that happened in 2007. I can say that I had a fair share of ups and downs in 2007.

Let’s hope 2008 will be greater!




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