Internet resumed! Yeah!

Wah! I very happy lah! Now I can resume my daily internet activities. One day without checking my mail is headache. What’s two?

And then since now I’m desperate to train Casper to stop biting, I really need to do research on puppies’ biting habits. And having no internet means no help! So I’m stuck at home with a puppy that bites all the time!

That’s like OMG painful!

But now he’s a bit more obedient. Just need to distract him with toys and food. =)

Anyway, I gave him a bath just now and damn it, he looked so cute drenched. Haha. He was shivering in cold when I bathed him in warm, close to hot, water. I had to quickly take him out and wrap in the towel and blow dry him with the hairdryer. OMG. My puppy is like the most obedient during bath time. He doesn’t bite nor whine and quietly sits there for you to dry him up.


But after that, he bites again. Haiz.

Something tells me this is gonna be hard.


4 thoughts on “Internet resumed! Yeah!

  1. OH NOOOO!!! Casper BITES!!!! I am afraid of dawgs which BITE!!! Rachel must bring ur dawg out for a nice walk and exercise him!!! Toilet train also very cool!!! Show me ur dawg one day! 🙂


  2. Haha actually his bites aren’t painful. But I’m sure one day it will be painful. but don’t worry lah. He bite, I scold. Otherwise no dinner. ahahaha. Casper’s still small now. So I shall bring him out for walks only when he’s older. =)


  3. be stern n firm with him..n if he bites the furniture..there’s tis spray which u can get from pet’s harmless..but dogs dun like the taste so he’ll stay away from chewing ur stuff up..n get him enough toys..but make sure u differentiate wad are toys n wads not..if he chews slippers..let him know right away tat he shouldn’t do it..scold him immediately if he does something wrong..cos if u wait till he does smth else..he’ll tink it’s the latest action which caused him to get punished..

    n u shouldn’t walk him until he’s been dewormed n had all his vaccinations yea!

    all the best with the lil cutie! I love dogs alot (:

    I’m WJ’s fren btw..


  4. hey fel! thanks for dropping by.

    i’ve been firm with him but i guess it takes time for him to really understand what is right and wrong. so far, he doesn’t bite the furniture. he’s really small so getting him toys can be hard. the toys are way too big for his mouth. haha.

    yup, shall wait till i get all his vaccines done before taking him out.

    thanks again!


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