I have returned

with lots of damages done to my wallet. I bought like a handful more dresses that once again leaves my wallet bleeding.

I also spent some on Casper. This year, he’s gonna be part of the new year celebration.

It’s the eve of the chinese new year. Tonight, I’ll be having reunion dinner with my maternal relatives. There’s gonna be lots of food.

Initially the plan was to bring Casper along for the dinner. But when my grandma heard that I’d be bringing him, she disallowed it for no reason. *silently cries inside*

That means dinner will be cut short. Shall go back home as early as possible so Casper won’t be lonely on this new year’s eve.

I guess I will post up photos (if any) after the whole new year visiting period.

For now, please indulge in these super cute photos of Casper.

I guess everyone was curious about how Casper looked when he’s bathing. They actually made appointment with me to come over and made sure I bathed Casper when they were around.

So here you go.

I look skinny with all my fur wet. Feel so chihuahua.

Mummy says bathing me will ruin her nails but she doesn’t care. She wants a nice and clean dog. She says bathing me can help her lose weight because I always run away.

Mummy is drying my behind.

After that it was some playing and running to let his semi-wet fur dry naturally.

Usually when I’m at my desk doing work, Casper will want to play. So I just put him up on my lap and pat him to sleep. But he crawls back and squeezes with me.

Somebody please get that fat ass out of my face. I’m suffocating here!

Look what? Hurry get up!

Ahhh… Finally I feel free.

Now, please don’t disturb while I catch a nap.

It’s either my chair or my bed he likes. He never seems to want to get off unless I walk away.

I like soft beds. Flowery too.

How much is that doggy by the bedside?

Don’t take lah. I shy.

If he needs extra cushion,


Tell me I’m a nice mummy. =)

Sometimes when I feel like it, I bring him out into the living room to play. I hate it when he pees in the living room. Worse, on the sofa! He’s not toilet-trained there yet. But he knows where to pee when he’s in the room.

So I put him on this small round sofa that has wheels below so I can push him around in the living room.

My emo look.

I know I’m trying too hard to look like a pomeranian.

Is this what you call 大头贴?

Mummy likes to leave me here. She says I’m too naughty for peeing everywhere in the living room. So I try to show her my innocent look.

Daddy says Mummy is siao cos she likes to do crazy things to me. I’m a boy, Mummy!

Ok. I admit I like doing crazy things to Casper. Haha. Like playing fetch with him yet throw nothing and make him search for the ball aimlessly. Or when he’s asleep, I like to carry him up, shake him and say “hello” then put him back to sleep. Or try to shake his paw when he’s busy eating.

The list goes on.

But never mind lah. Mummy gives me sayangs and treats all the time. I love my Mummy.


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