Honestly, I hate planning for anything.

Gatherings, dinners, birthdays or any simple meet up for a movie.

So when it came to planning for my birthday celebration, I kinda cringed at the thought of it.

Booking the chalet, planning the guest list, designing the invitation, sending the invitations, waiting for the replies, booking a caterer, booking the cake caterer, getting party items, getting BBQ items, and stuff like that.

You have to make sure there’s enough food for your guests. You have to make sure your guests enjoy the buffet. You have to make sure your guests aren’t bored at your party. And so many more makingsures.

It would be good to have someone to help me out in certain ways. It would be good to have a few close friends helping out on the day itself.

Maybe it’s my first time planning such a thing, I got really excited at the beginning. I did up the guest list and sent them the invitation according to different batches of people. Like the choir gang, the classmates, then my poly classmates, my colleagues, then to some other friends from outside, finally to my family members.

I’ve confirmed which caterer I’m going to order from by googling, searching forums and asking around to see if anyone knows which is nice and affordable.

I did up the invitation that took me quite awhile. I even had to download new brushes, tutorials to refer to and tried to learn online to create certain little little details that could make the invitation stand out a little more.

But it seems my enthusiasm just got way too over me. It is just a birthday. It’s no big deal. And then I thought, why am I getting so excited over it when I don’t get the same excitement from my friends?

Somehow this made me wonder about my wedding in future but oh well, that’s another matter altogether.

So, this whole birthday thingy, I can foresee only a handful of friends from the older days turning up, and the rest will be my colleagues and my family members plus Madcow if he isn’t preoccupied with his exams. The rest are either having their exams or busy with work.

Well, it sucks to have a birthday in May.


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