Casper at 6 months

Weighing at 2.6kg, he’s definitely not as light anymore but I’m still able to carry him with one hand. Sometimes it gets tiring that i have to use two. Most of the time, he runs on his own at home.

By right, the vet did say we can bring him to cut off his manhood once he turns 6 months. Casper has also shown signs of raging hormones in him especially when I come home after a day out but thank the doggies in heaven he hasn’t been humping anything so far. Good gracious.

So probably we shall put this off for a while first. I’m sure he still has no clue why he gets excited down there because he’s always licking himself to make sure ‘it’ doesn’t come out. Right.

Anyway, I taught him to climb the stairs on Monday while on the way to the groomer’s to get his nails cut. He used to be afraid of them that he would back away from the stairs each time he was near. Now he’s jumping up and down the sofa as if it was the stairs. I used to leave him on the sofa so that he can sit quietly and wait for my return. Now, whenever I walk away from the sofa, he jumps down after me. Hmmm…

But the way he climbed the stairs was so cute! Like a little bunny hopping up and down. I took a video of him jumping up and down the stairs.


Pardon my baby voice and laughter. Hard to control when it’s Casper I’m talking to. He reacts to “Bye bye” very well because this boy can’t stand loneliness so once you say “bye” he thinks you’re leaving him alone and will want to follow you wherever you go.

Saw Hugo at the groomer’s again.

Remember this handsome boy?

This time, he was confined to a small room outside the grooming area and he looked damn bored. The poor boy couldn’t even run around because he was tied up. Confining a big dog like him in a room that small is like depriving him of the sun and play.

Casper wasn’t as submissive as the first time he went grooming. He was practically running round the pet store while we looked around for his snacks.

After grooming, we walked back with him again.

I was practically dying from all the walking but Casper definitely still had lots of energy. And then I proceeded with bathing him. It’s very satisfying seeing him turn out white and clean after his bath. But his beard always turns brownish after a meal. Haiz.

Keeping a white dog means extra work to keep it clean. If there’s a chemical-free whitening bleach solution available for white dogs, I will definitely get it!

In future, if I’m able to earn more than I can spend, I probably would get Golden Retriever like Hugo. And a Jack Russell for the cow. Probably will get another smaller dog to accompany Casper. Another maltese maybe. Hahahahaha. If I could get 4 dogs living under the same roof as me, that’s definitely gotta be a big roof.


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