Malaysian Dreamgirl

Post note: I’m blogging about the show mainly because I’m bored. Just bored. Really. And everything is just based on my personal opinions.

Obviously, this reality programme isn’t exactly my business because I don’t know the contestants personally and furthermore, it’s Malaysian dreamgirl. Not Singapore dreamgirl.

I only watch it because I’m a fan of Cheesie (whom has given me advices on how to take care of Casper before) and she’s one of the contestants who got into Top 12. I actually prefer America’s Next Top Model. So when this programme started, I thought maybe the asian version was worth watching too.

And indeed it was.

I was truly entertained by all the back stabbing, bitching and she’s like this in front of the camera but once off the camera she’s like that thingy. Well, that later. I shall talk about how I feel about the Top 12 girls. Just to let you know. Me ain’t no professional so my choices of words will not be damn Tyra-Banks.

1. Adeline

She’s sweet and innocent looking. Her hair rocks. And she can’t speak fluent English. Which is in some way cute. Unfortunately, I feel it’s a disadvantage when it comes to conversing in English. If she wish to go further, she’s gotta brush up on her English.

Right after the makeover, she said she didn’t like her short hair because it makes her look like a boy. That was so cute. Haha.

Oh by the way, the small picture in the middle is the “Before”. So you can compare their before and after looks.

She looks really natural in the videos. But her photos usually don’t turn out that way. Why does she look like she’s more worried about her dandruff problem in this picture?

Not man enough, I feel. But I like what she’s wearing!

I guess this must be her best photo. Really brings out the bubbly side of her.

This look just doesn’t work on her.

The same old boring expression. But we must say this girl just looks so innocent you can’t find any disliking on her.

I like this photo shoot the most because I love love love the dresses and prints. Plus, this photo shoot was unlike the previous where you pose and shoot. In this, the girls moved around, trying to swirl their dresses around and get the nicest shot. However, Adeline’s expression was just not nice.

2. Alison

I can’t remember much about Alison except that she’s quite old and just returned from London and she speaks really nice English and cooks for the girls.

So when she was among the two who got eliminated in the first round, all the girls cried so badly mainly because they, well, were going through the elimination for the first time and that they would have to cook for themselves from then on. Alison was like a mother to the girls.

3. Cindy

The bitch among the girls. As claimed by Kenny Sia, she’s a sex bomb. Well, I seriously doubt his judgment. This girl is nothing near a sex bomb if that even sounds like a compliment. I guess he probably said that because Cindy wore this red hot low cut bare back mini dress to the auditions.

The other judge, Elaine Daly, said any girl who wears a mini skirt, Kenny Sia will sure to like. Alamak! His behaviour on the show kinda ruined my impression of him.

She’s gotta tone up a lil. Looks a bit flabby on the tummy. Otherwise, this photos is quite nice. Looks quite Britney Spearsy.

The angle of her face is just wrong. Tilting up doesn’t make her look man. It just makes her look like her face is not good enough for the camera and she’s trying to hide it.

This photo shoot required a group of 4 girls to have fun and laugh and look really natural together. Her picture is OK I guess.

I like the bronzy effect of this photo shoot. Every one of them looked like they had a tan. But Cindy’s picture was like she was about to burst into tears any moment.

Oh yeah, talking about crying, she kept crying a lot at the start of the show. It was so annoying, as if she was trying to catch attention of the camera man to film her bawling her eyes out. Then until she had a phone call with her dad, her dad told her to stop crying like that in front of the camera. Awww.. She’s such a daddy’s girl.

I actually like her expression in this picture. It was way better than the rest. Somewhat mysterious and in deep thoughts.

I can’t find anything positive to comment about this picture except for the dress. The dark purple stands out more than her.

Anyway, I didn’t quite like her since the start because her Australian accent was really strong and fake. Yup. Fake. She probably studied in Australia before but there wasn’t any need to exaggerate her accent. According to the other girls, she actually spoke with the accent only when the camera crew was around. Eeew…

Yet on the other hand, she has an extremely strong Malaysian chinese accent. Her conversations with her dad just tells me she really did fake her Australian accent.

But surprise surprise, she seemed to be talking more normally after the Top 6 were chosen and I admit I kinda like her better that way.

4. Eyna

This lady kinda blown me away with her shots (eg. the next picture). When I saw her at the auditions, she just looked like someone very simple and plain. Now with her Rihanna bob hair cut, she definitely stands out more. It was sad seeing her eliminated because she deserves going further.

Damn. Look at her abs. She’s hot! She looks somewhat like Rihanna, no?

She looks pretty fine here. I like her pose. And her boots.

Eyna is really quiet among the girls. Probably that’s why she didn’t get as many votes cos the audience can’t see her and tend to forget that she’s even in the competition. She has to speak up lah!

5. Fiqa

Fiqa Fiqa. She’s very pretty and out spoken. You will see her talking in most of the episodes. Can get very straight forward at times, especially on TV. But sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Bitching about the other girls is fine but don’t overdo it. The episode before she got eliminated, I got bored by her already.

There was this ‘fight’ between she and Cindy over a pair of shoes. Both of them said they saw the shoe first, and claimed the other girl snatched her shoe and stuff like that. So who was the victim? Guess only the 2 girls involved know the answer.

Her pose for this picture was shouting “HOT” but cannot see her eyes. Minus point.

And this. Hmmm. Really cool and different. Haha very bold to lift her leg like this but oh well, she seems the kind who will go all out to impress.

I like her smile. So innocent.

I love the tanned effect. I like her hair. I like the green eyeshadow. I like her eyes. And I feel a connection with this picture. Overall, I quite like it.

6. Hanis

She’s very pretty and VERY young. Like only 17! OMG. Got potential lah! Her age already an advantage. Where got people start doing something old and try to compete with young kids one? Kinda contradict the saying “Live till old, learn till old”.

Machiam royalty! She looks like a princess in sexy lingerie. But her facial expression not suit this picture lah. Should be sexy! Not stoned.

I can’t help but think she looks like cat woman in that leather outfit. Sexy! Oh wait. She can’t be sexy. She must look man in this photo shoot. So I guess she didn’t bring out the manly effect well.

She’s the only girl with braces on but that doesn’t stop her from illuminating from the rest. This photo shoot of her was quite nice. Very natural and bubbly and happy. I like.

Love the hair. Love the eyeshadow. Very sensual.

This photo shoot very funny lah. She was pulling her dress, trying to keep it from not falling off because the top of it was too heavy. Overall, I like her posture but her fingers looked a bit tense.

Gorgeous! This picture screams out “I’m the winner” for Hanis. Pretty pretty! She WILL win this thing man.

The only thing I don’t like is she keeps speaking malay in her interviews. If I’m neither a Malaysian nor a Malay, how can I understand her??

7. Jay

Jay and Alison were like twins in the family so when Alison left, she felt she lost someone close. Initially, I thought she and Ringo were good friends. But as the show progressed, you don’t see the two of them that close. Jay is sticking with Hanis and Ringo is often seen alone or with other chinese girls. Which is quite sad.

Anyway, Jay is the most experienced of the 12 and you can tell from her pictures. Oozing sexiness.

She’s tall and skinny and very charismatic in this way.

But her White Summer photo shoot was just normal. Nothing much to talk about. Looks like anyone outside the competition can take photos like this.

Quite impressed with her during this photo shoot because she took notice of the lightings and told the camera man that she wanted to look towards the light so it can be shown on her face. She seems to like modeling very much.

This must be a tough shoot man. She has to show her face and the back of the dress at the same time. The dress is gorgeous but the photo was just alright to me. Nothing much to brag about too.

The dress is very pretty with the whites and reds flowing like that. But her expression looked like she did have difficulties trying to focus. What a waste.

Despite her producing pictures that are good, Jay gives me the impression that once her best friend in the show wins while she herself gets eliminated, she would be the kind who bear grudges and will never talk to that friend ever again.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

8. Jean

Jean looks like somebody I know. But Jean’s way prettier, of course. I like her. But she pulled out of the competition due to personal matters. The girls all cried like hell when she was leaving.

Best photo for that photo shoot. I love her posture. I love her expression. I love her tummy! Flat and toned. Wooo!

I hope in future she gets back into the modeling industry. Definitely has potential for this girl. If she stayed on, I’m sure her pictures will all turn out great.

9. Nadia

At first glance, she looked really unfriendly and fierce looking. Resembles someone I know too. She really purely wants to win this competition by being hardworking and stuff. Her enthusiasm and over confidence kinda turned the audience off. She became a *cough* bitch *cough* towards the middle of the show.

Normal lah. Don’t like her lips.

This is different. Very fresh and relaxed. Haha. She’s got a curvy waistline but no boobs to perfect it. Sad.

She made everyone shocked with this picture. Who would ever think that a fierce looking person can have such pretty smile?

Don’t like. Her lips are so high they look like duck beak. I like her hair though.

Wrong dress! Just wrong. Too empty up there to fill up the space.

Her expression is funny! Like kena caught unprepared. But the dress prints are lovely.

Anyway, I don’t like her because she thinks too highly of herself and is usually too confident that she will do this right but yet do it wrong. Stuff like that lah.

10. Natasha

I don’t even know why she’s in this competition. She seems like she’s only trying out and got into the Top 12 by luck. From then on, she didn’t really know if she really wanted it or not.

So anyway, she was eliminated in the first round. Like some of what the other girls said, she’s probably still young and unsure of what she wants to pursue. She has more chances to seek her calling.

11. Ringo aka Cheesie

Me a big fan of her blog since a long time ago. Read through every single post of hers, from her travel posts, to her pet maltese Cheddie, and her DIY nail art. My comments about her may sound biased.

She wasn’t chosen to be in the Top 12 though. She was called back when another contestant gave up her space. Which created quite a why does she deserve a second chance to come back thingy among the girls.

Ringo is very petite. Which is a big minus point for her because models MUST be tall otherwise it will be damn hard for them to fit into those long pretty dresses and cat walk.

Her face is too cute to even look man in this shoot. But if the theme isn’t to look manly, this picture of her is quite nice. Sexy and mysterious.

I swear the crew has something against her. This doesn’t do any justice to her at all! Her hair is all over the place. Is that her best photo? I don’t think so!

The previous picture really didn’t look like Ringo while this one brought out the feminine side of her. Look at her collar bone! OMG! Love the purple shades. But what’s with the hair?? She’s so petite and you give her a big and old hair like this?

Towards the end, I started to develop negative feelings to her photos and her performance. She only seemed good enough to be the supporting actress instead of the leading. This picture just looks wrong lah. My gawd. Why must she always get dresses that don’t show her figure? Go watch the videos of other episodes and you will see some other dresses that are way too big for her.

Finally something really nice. I like her dress a lot! Very pretty and flowy.

Despite me being a fan of hers, I still think she isn’t cut out to be a model. Nothing on her is saying she wants to be a model. So I guess she should just be a blogger because that’s what she does best.

12. Valerie

The first time I saw Valerie, I thought “Someone please cut off her afro hair!” She does look much better with her hair straight.

Wooo! Nobody expected that voluptuous body. She was way too sexy for the lingerie. Haha. They looked like they were bursting out.

Too bad she was eliminated quite early otherwise I think the girls will be happier with her around cos she’s always so bubbly and fun.

Top 6

The Top 6 are Adeline, Cindy, Hanis, Jay, Nadia and Ringo. I seriously don’t think Cindy deserves to be in the Top 6 simply because she’s not good enough. And her votes mostly come from, I believe, her dad who reassured her it’s no problem to get her into Top 6. Obviously the man’s freaking rich.

There are many worthy girls in this competition that deserves to be in the Top 6. So my choice of Top 6 would be Eyna, Fiqa, Hanis, Jay, Jean and Nadia.

And when they were supposed to eliminate one girl so that there will be 5 to compete for Top 3, there was a expected twist (I expected that at some point of the show) that no one was to be eliminated. You should have seen Jay’s behaviour when the host said “You’re safe.” Classic.

Anyway, everyone would be expecting the Top 3 to be Cindy, Hanis and Ringo because they have lots of voters and supporters. Cindy has her dad to rely on while Ringo has her readers. Whereas for Hanis, she really deserves to be in Top 3 because she has made great improvements in her pictures. Moreover, she hasn’t been in the bottom 3 before.

Top 3

So the shocker was Adeline, Cindy and Hanis. Ringo was kicked out! I kinda figured it’s because in her interview, she said she didn’t know where her votes were coming from when obviously her readers were supporting her all these while. I guess they felt really disappointed with what she said and stopped voting for her. But I still like her because of her blog. Not because of MDG.

With the 3 of them competing for Malaysian Dreamgirl title, it’s not hard to see who will win it. My vote goes to Hanis.

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