You don’t see this everyday

Last night, I was about to enter the lift to my place with Madcow when I saw a big cockroach crawling out from inside. I stepped back and we both waited to see if it will crawl out eventually because well, we didn’t want to kill it so we could get in safely.

Then the lift door closed.

We pressed for the lift again and it opened. The damn cockroach was still crawling out. This time, it managed to crawl to the gap and started fiddling around to see if it was safe to crawl out.

It was such a funny sight! Just imagine two human beings standing at the door watching a cockroach, not even the size of a baby’s palm, crawling out the lift.

Then guess what?

The door closed again!

The next time it opened, the cockroach was gone! Its carcass was not even anywhere to be found. So we figured the cockroach sensed that the door was about to crush it so it fell INTO the gap, avoiding the crush. And it didn’t crawl out ever since.

It was funny to watch, actually. Definitely, not something you would see everyday, that’s for sure!


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