Rachel the housewife

Had a terrible headache when I woke up this afternoon. Could be the long sleeping hours or the bing bang bong construction works downstairs that caused the throbbing headache. And what’s new? The freakishly hot weather of Singafuckingpore.

So I woke up and did housework (with my pretty nails). I put the clothes to wash, vacuumed the floor, mopped the floor then hang the clothes. It wasn’t tough but it kinda sucked when the other family members around just sit around like as if the housework was supposed to be done by me and me alone. Now I understand how my mum feels. But at least I help her out sometimes.

My sister was on medical leave so I can understand. But the old man just sat there reading his bloody papers and didn’t give a fuck about anything.

What made me most pissed was he actually brought a china newspaper collector lady back and wanted to sell the old papers to her. But when she quoted him a price, he wasn’t happy and snatched back all the papers and started arguing with her, right outside the door step. He shouted at her just because she quoted a price he thought was way too low. He, in his whole life, has never sold a single newspaper to anyone and doesn’t know a shit about the market rate and there he was arguing over something so trivial. Poor lady, I must say.

What a disgrace, the old man.

I was telling my sister that the price the china lady quoted was indeed low but still, he had no reason to argue with the lady like that. I then told him that Mum usually gets a regular newspaper collector that fetches a much higher price so he should not bother about this and wait till Mum comes back and handle it.

I had no idea where he found that china lady. If she wasn’t a newspaper lady, I would have easily mistaken her as his mistress or something.

After that, I continued with the chores. Then something made me even more mad. While taking the bamboo down to hang the clothes, it accidentally slipped out of my hand and came crashing down, hitting other things hanging near the kitchen window. That moment, he was sitting at the dining table eating his bread. He heard the commotion, obviously, because he did turn his head and take a look. But he fucking turned his head back and continued eating his bread.

There I was struggling to keep the bamboo in position and picking up the other things that dropped, he merely sat there and PRETENDED nothing happened!


Tell me again, why am I doing this????? I mean, tolerating everything!?!?!?!?!?

And why again I have to complain only here????? FUCK!

I don’t mean to change the mood abruptly, but I really need something to make me happier.

Mummy will be back tomorrow evening and Madcow and I will be picking her up from the airport. Before that, we are gonna have Popeyes for dinner! Yum! We need to have more Popeyes in Singapore! Trash KFC. Popeyes’ gonna be the next big fast food restaurant.

Our dinner after Singapore Airshow.

At the bottom of the picture, you see this slightly oven-baked brown thingy, that’s their famous biscuit! It tastes really good. That’s the bomb man! It’s not exactly the crisp crisp biscuit though. Not like the usual bun from KFC *pukes*.

A clearer picture.

The other bomb is the mash potato! You die die must try that! Otherwise you’re really missing out something out of this world.

Ignore the chopsticks. It was taken from somewhere else and it unknowingly appeared in the picture. You don’t eat fried chicken with chopsticks either.

I first had Popeyes when I was 15 and they had only one outlet at the airport then. Now they have another outlet at Terminal 3. I think they have more around Singapore, somewhere. And you can re-live your childhood while dining because they play Popeye cartoon in their restaurant!

I hope Mummy will bring back some things for me. Otherwise I will have to go Taiwan personally to see for myself what a shopping paradise they are. Oh and Bangkok too.

Somehow I feel the retail therapy yesterday didn’t work.


2 thoughts on “Rachel the housewife

  1. i love popeyes too!!!! u can go to the spore flyer for the latest addition of outlet! the first ever venture outside airport lol!

    n my dear .. dats not a biscuit .. dats call a scone hahaha! u cute lah! and yeah i luv their mash potato with cajun added inside .. dat lil spicy n tangy aftertaste .. yummy!


  2. Oh yeah I realised Sg flyer also has one outlet.

    Popeyes call that ‘biscuit’, instead of a ‘scone’ though both are quite similar. They are named differently in different countries. Scone will be the british name and biscuit, the american. Hehe. Either way, I still think that rocks! It is really nice! And the mash potato too!


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