Having too much fun I don’t have time to blog

And of course when you’re having fun, you’re lazy to blog. =)

Anyway, the weekend was well spent with my cow and it was so packed and filled with excitement I was kinda disappointed it was over in just 3 days.

In those 3 days, all we ever did was spend, spend and have fun. I may need to munch on bread for the next few days.

And guess what? We went to the zoo!

It was so fun visiting those old friends of ours and of course new friends whom we haven’t met but still, it was great great fun. I figured I shall do up a separate post for the zoo trip after I’m done with editing the photos.

So I guess I shall just make a quick update on what we did the past days.

Stayed at Conrad, 3 days 2 nights.

Spent a bomb on its room service lunch, ordered Tom Yum soup. OMG! It’s like the best ever! It’s got three types of mushrooms, fish slices, prawns, sotongs, scallops and mussels!

Caught Narnia. Prince Caspian is HOT! So was the theatre. With a temperature set at 25 deg cel, it was no wonder I felt the heat.

Went back for more room service meals. Madcow had the Nasi Goreng he had the last time and I ordered something different. The Conrad burger. I swear it’s like the BEST BEST BEST beef burger I’ve ever had! For real! With burgers like that, no wonder it was its signature.

Had their very nice breakfast buffet then proceeded to the zoo.

We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo,
How ’bout you you you,
You can come too too too,
We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo.

I even met my cousin and his dad at the zoo. Such a small world.

Wanted to take the Singapore Flyer but didn’t have enough time. We spent 5 hours at the zoo alone.

Then we went back and washed up, had simple dinner and prepared for KTV. I discovered a whole new range of my vocals. =) And Madcow, as usual, rocked the room! Hahaha.

We ended after midnight and had simple supper before turning in.

The next morning we missed the breakfast buffet. But oh well, it was a great getaway.

– – – – –

Randomness ahead.


Casper looks ridiculous with socks on.

Don’t look like his legs, do they?

The famous Bean Sauce La La from Tampines St 12. Wanted to eat it with Kaixin, Bibi and my cow after Mingsui’s party on the 10th but when we reached there, it was closed. So this time, madcow and I went there around 8 and guess what? They were already closing. Their BBQ stingray was sold out even. So we could only try the La La. And I had one whole plate to myself because the dear cow doesn’t eat them.

*Going out now. Will update later when I get back.*


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