Shoplah’s done it again!

Shoplah my ass! Shit! I’ve seen so many consumers fall into their trap by buying from them and yet not receiving what they see online.

Is this fraud or what?

If that’s what they show online, then sell them! Not sell something (according to them) 80 to 90% similar then give excuses to their unsatisfied consumers to cover up the dirty businesses! That’s cheating!

Why do they even need to sell something similar? Why can’t they model their own apparels and take photos of them instead of rip of photographs of other online shops (I believe their photos can be seen on other shops as well). It just shows they were lying about having professional models and studio set ups to do the photoshoot. If they DO have the photoshoot of the apparels, they MUST have the original apparels for sale then.

I quote from Stomp with what Shoplah has to say.

“Does a person in real life look 100% exactly the same in photo? The answer is NO. It will never be possible. Also, the pictures we have in the website are very nicely taken with very pretty models and backgrounds.

“If you would compare the pictures in our website with the photos customers have taken themselves using their own digicams, it would never be comparable due to many factors like different lightings, backgrounds, type of digicam used etc.

“We have been in business for about 2 years with a huge customer base worldwide (not only in Singapore). It will not be possible for us to satisfy all customers because different customers hold different expectations.

“Some customers with high expectations would expect very good quality products at the price as low as $15.90 they are paying which we cannot satisfy them.

MY GOODNESS! They had the cheek to say that! Aren’t they ashamed of themselves? Where is their little sense of dignity?

Full article here. And here.

How many more complaints do they need to stop all these nonsensical bullshit? HUH??

I’m sad to say I was one of those unfortunate consumers who bought from them. Read my complain here. Bought a total of 3 tops. Guess what happened to them? I gave them away because they totally didn’t look like what it showed on their website. OMG!

People, fellow consumers, online shopping addicts, whoever you are, DON’T EVER BUY FROM SHOPLAH.COM!

They are FRAUDS!

4 thoughts on “Shoplah’s done it again!

  1. hi there,
    wish i googled before buying… now i contributed to their revenue and though I got my clothes but the pieces as you say are “crap”! *sigh*


  2. Hi Rachelyn,

    In the early days when we are setting up our online shop, we fell for Shoplah’s trap as well. $300 worth of goods cannot be sold and cannot be worn.

    You are right to say they lied about the photos. Those photos are taken by someone else (not them definitely) for magazines and are being used by wholesalers. My shop uses the same photos.

    However, to clarify a little bit on the 80-90% similarity part. The photos are from magazine designs, but most of the goods are replica. Replica means imitation of the original dress. Replica items are known to have certain degrees of similarity but not exactly the same. That explains the much lower cost. These are called the ‘magazine replica fashion’.

    Honest sellers should declare this to their customers. And customers knowing such declaration should be prepared to receive a not so 100% alike item. Many sellers, including us, will make sure you get the best of the replica. If it’s 80-90% similar, then we want you to get the 90% similarity and not 50%.

    Whatever it is, I would like to urge consumers to do certain extend of investigation before jumping the gun to buy things online. Always question the sellers until you are satisfied.

    I wish you an enjoyable shopping experience from now on.


    Ferry Bernard Falco
    The Dream Fashion


  3. hi,

    have u all heard abt this site **? it is somehow related to shoplah. they both got the same address. i discover when i bought an item from that site. they have a habit of leaving their address on the package which is exactly the same address as shoplah.

    both stay at blk 861A, Tampines Ave 5, #13-573.
    if i know ** is related to shoplah, i will never buy anything from them. bcos i also got a very bad experience from shoplah. and swear that i will never patronize their shop again.

    although the skirt that i bought from *luvelegance* has got a hole on it, but if it can be mended, then i’ll try to mend the hole by myself. so i never make a complaint against them.

    but i think this will be the first and last purchase from them.


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