Of boots and pedicure

I finally found a pair of boots that I love love love so much! And it wasn’t expensive at all. 58 bucks not expensive la hor???

Wahahahaha I’m trying so hard to convince myself it’s worth it. And I’m praying that I don’t just wear it once and chuck it aside. Me wanna wear to cold countries!

I went shopping alone after meeting Madcow for lunch at our old workplace. He went back to work for temporary. Yeah and I went back to have the damn yummilicious fish soup (with lots of wine added)! Sulian and I could eat it everyday when I was still working.

I separated the leaves and the stalks because I don’t like eating stalks that are hard.

So I thought since I was going Far East, I might as well get my nails done. I know. Again! My nails were quite fragile after removing the acrylic that they could bend easily. My index nail chipped so bad two nights ago I had to cut it off. Which made me decide to cut all the other nails off instead because I couldn’t stand the sight of having one short nail while having nine long ones.

And there, I had my shortest nails ever since primary school, all cut way into the nail bed.

I needed to get a pedicure so I dropped by at Mabel’s and told her I had to go shop for shoes before I come back again. Which I did. I went back to her after walking round looking and trying on boots and asked her for opinions on the boots that I saw. That girl actually put her work down and followed me to the shop.

End up, she bought a pair for herself too.

And this was what I bought for 58 bucks (after much bargain). Cheap right??

So damn nice!

I got my nails done after that.

Electric blue blended with light blue with gradient effect! Matched what I wore for today.

I stared at my fingernails and realised they looked really off without any colour so I told Mabel I should get my nails painted too. She suggested getting a glitter instead of a solid colour so the chip in my index wouldn’t be so obvious.

And there. My super short nails. I could feel my nail beds sticking out. Casper makes good backgrounds doesn’t he?

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