Pretty also no use

Work wasn’t the least fun.

Nothing was interesting.

Everything was demoralizing, in fact.

*Updated* 4 July

But I’m just glad it’s over and I’ve gotten my pay on the spot. Now I’m two four zero bucks richer. Wahahahaha!

I’ve been slacking for too long that working for just 2 days makes me really really worn out.

Karen and I couldn’t stop complaining about our tired feet because poor us had to wear boots. We stood for 6 hours straight, only taking a short 2-minute break once in a while.

Anyway, the title refers to my boots ya?

The first day was alright because Chrystal (the one who managed this Safra roadshow) was really understanding and let us take breaks together often.

The second day was hell. Chrystal wasn’t around and came this black-faced woman who didn’t smile at us a single time. Like I owed her money or something. And she didn’t allow us to take breaks together. Not even a single greeting from her when we tried to talk to her. Boo!

So yeah, I can only say the second day really didn’t go well because I was mentally affected already plus the aching feet. Everything was wrong.

But I met a lot of friends though. Nicholas, Stephanie, Louis, Sulian and my cousin, Alvin. I hope I didn’t miss out anyone. (Just making a note that I met these people in case they mention to me that we met recently and I don’t remember. Damn paiseh lah!)


This is Louis.

*end Update*

And of course Madcow. He came down both days to fetch me home. =)

There were trunks and loads of people because it’s the weekends. Damn. Yet not even 10% of these people were interested in Fuse. Demoralizing right?

We took this during the first day. Karen was having her smoking break. So we took photos. The sun was glaring into our faces. We were considered squinting our eyes. The photos turned out so blue and overexposed. Thank the photoshop creators, I managed to save them slightly.

Too bad we didn’t take a photo of our full body. We looked sooooooo nice! Wahahahaha!

Urgh! I’m just damn tired now. My feet needs real pampering. I swear those boots aren’t made for walking lah! Pretty only. But no use.

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