No wonder I’m broke

I just realised I have over 104 online shops bookmarked into my browser.

104 and still counting, of course. Ha!

You can’t imagine how often I have to back up my bookmarks in case my laptop dies on me. I’ve once forgotten to back up my bookmarks before I reformatted my com. Damn. Imagine my shock when I click Bookmarks and the list is empty!

Trust me. I can never remember the websites I visited.

So I always back them up now. =)

Me just purchased some hand made accessories online as well. They are so pretty! Will post photos soon.

The thing is… I usually am in too much of a rush to remember wearing accessories out. -_-

So all I do now at home is indulge in Taiwan and HK dramas while snacking. Shit. Fat. OMG! I have a new TV drama idol lah!

Ron Ng
My all along idol is him, Ron Ng.

Sammul Chan
My new idol is him, Sammul Chan.

I have no idea why I didn’t notice him before. He looked really cute in The Academy (学警雄心) they both starred in. I can’t say he’s hot because no one’s hotter than Orlando Bloom (and Johnny Depp and Jude Law and Chad Michael Murray and… Oh you get it lah!) plus he really isn’t the “hot” type of guy.

I watched part 2 (学警出更) without watching part 1. Ended up I didn’t really get some of the flash backs or past they were talking about. So recently, I went to download part 1 and OMG he was so cute! All the 暧昧 between him and Fiona Sit (薛凯琪) were so adorable! Too bad she died in the 2nd episode of part 2. Now I actually am re-watching part 2 to get the whole story clear.

Fiona Sit
薛凯琪 is pretty! You might have noticed her in a few ads on TV. She sings well too! Ask me for her songs! Haha!

Anyway, they are filming part 3 (学警狙击) now! Yea!

Ron Ng Sammul Chan
Both of them. Zhong Laap Man & Lei Pak Kiu (character names)

Wah! I keep dreaming of the name Pak Kiu. It’s so cute hearing it in Cantonese. Otherwise Pak Kiu is kicking ball in Hokkien.

Sammul Ron
How not to be addicted?

I need to change my blog theme so I can have more space to post the photos bigger!


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