I’m selling my stuff

For extra allowance. Because school is starting like next Monday.


Shall update again with the things I wanna sell.

This week has been crazy. At least I feel. I’ve been putting so much effort into everything I do that I don’t feel appreciated at the end of the day. And it sucks. BIG time!

So anyway, Madcow had lasik done last Saturday morning and he’s no longer blind. That’s what you get for paying 2.6K. It has gotta be worth it lah! But of course it wan’t easy, the after-op. You have to really be careful with your eyes and not rub them, not go to smokey dusty places, not go swimming, not participate in sports and worst off, you gotta regularly apply their medication.

Just hope it’s worth all the trouble.

I’ve been contemplating on getting my eyes done too. But with my degree of only 275 on each side, I would have much better use of that 2.6K. I’d rather get a new laptop and a new desktop together if possible. Or I probably would throw the cash at the LV staff to get that handbag which I don’t need but just wanna show them that I’m loaded enough to get their stuff so stop looking down on customers like me.

And then recently I’ve just spent a lot on Esprit clothes at their outlet store (which means their clothes are actually cheaper than the usual stores). No regrets. Just that I was previously telling myself I have to stop spending like this. And there I was picking almost everything off the racks and trying them on and then abusing my bank account.

I’ve been in a really foul mood. For no exact reasons. It could probably be Casper for making a fucking huge mess of my room early in the morning 6am. He dug my trash bin and left all the tissue lying on the floor. It wasn’t the least hygienic for both him and me but I somehow have to blame myself for not keeping the trash bin out of his reach the night before. Maybe I should let him sleep outside my room from now on.

Don’t fucking care about his barks and howls. He’s just a dog anyway.

I’m feeling really bad for the last sentence I said. But I. AM. IN. A. REALLY. BAD. MOOD!



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