I die also wanna enjoy my last 3 days of freedom

School’s starting. Next monday!

OMG! There goes my freedom. But at least I’m a step closer to getting that degree and a job that lets me shop at ease with higher pay. Shit. I’m like self consoling.

Now I’m actually printing my notes for school. That, I can say, is only initial enthusiasm. I so got a feeling that 2 weeks into school, I might even forget where to login for online materials.

So. Not. Fun.

Anyway, I haven’t been posting photos of Casper up. I bet you guys missed him!

Him being very emo. There was a period of time he wasn’t interested in playing or doing anything else. Except nua-ing.

He just woke from his nap and that’s him stretching. Cute right??? Machiam doing yoga.

Stretching while licking his nose. So cute! Too bad couldn’t see his eyes.

His fringe getting long that’s why had to tie up.

He was suffocating himself. So cute. And I let him wear the shirt despite the melting weather because I like to see him tugging it and trying to get it off.

Heh. He flashes a bright smile after playing his new game Suffocation.

He likes to cuddle into a weird shape on the sofa and sleep. So peaceful. So guai. So lovable. He can be a menace when he’s awake. Trust me.

His cute little button nose that made Wanjun go “I like his nose, so cute!”

I wonder do dogs get blackheads since their noses are already black.

Ok. Not funny. Next.

His sleeping look. So cute right?

I like to ka jiao him one. So I took his paw with overgrown fur and snapped it. He doesn’t let me trim his fur. Will either struggle non-stop or run away from me. Haiz. Die die must make me spend 50 bucks on his grooming.

Then he kena ka-jiao-ed. He woke up in fright. OMG. He didn’t look that scary with this pose when I took the photo. But I have no idea why it turned out quite disturbing.

And guess what? He dozed off in that very same position. -_-

He smells something yummilicious from afar. Marks it. And aims for it. But of course, I’m not so stupid to let him have it. He might die from all the oil.

I seriously think I’m slightly sadistic. I like tempting him with human food yet not give any to him. Wahahahaha! But sometimes I do give him a teeny weeny bit which in turn makes him craves for more.

He got bored of ‘begging’ for food. So he bo hiu me and turned to a corner.

Booooo, he said.

Usually he runs away from me to find a peaceful sleeping place after getting ka-jiao-ed by me too many times. This is where he sleeps while waiting for someone to come in through the main door.

I need more Casper pictures!!

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