Don’t give me these shit, alright!?

I’m really getting tired from all the pushing of responsibilities at home. It’s as if getting Casper was a HUGE mistake. Because he was MY responsibility.

I naively thought my sister was gonna be my backup support for anything that happens to Casper that’s why I had the courage to go against my mum and bring him back. But no. No chance man.

Just last night, Casper shit himself and his rear fur was stained with the shit. I tell you, it’s a freaking MESS! It’s not the usually dry stools that u can simply clean off with a wet tissue. My sister was holding Casper at my door and waiting for me to open it. Then she passed me Casper and there, I was doing what I was supposed to do. Why couldn’t she help a bit??

The mess was so bad I had to bathe Casper to get rid of the shit and stain. Fine. I didn’t complain about it.

This morning, Casper broke my glasses. My new glasses! NEW! Like less than 3 months NEW. A few days ago, he was actually biting on it. Scratched lens, worn out paint. But it was still fine. I could still use it.

I put everything (remote control, handphone and glasses) on my swivel chair which he never jumped on it before. I don’t have a freaking side table so I can only put my things on the freaking chair. Damn it! Casper managed to get my freaking glasses off the freaking chair and happily chewed on it.

FUCK! I was glad I noticed the biting sound despite me being a heavy sleeper. It was freaking 7am in the morning! Plus, it’s a FREAKING SATURDAY!

I hit him on his mouth with my specs. No mercy. He didn’t look a single bit apologetic. Fuck.

Both lenses dropped out from the frame. The frame was out of shape. I managed to bend it slightly back into shape and tried to fix the lenses in. Guess what freaking happened?


It’s not as if the screw came out and all you have to do is screw it back. NO! THE SCREW HOLDER THINGY BROKE!

I don’t know who I should be pissed with though I know it’s MOSTLY my fault.

I’m damn disappointed with myself for not being able to teach him properly what’s to bite and what’s not. I’VE TRIED! TRUST ME! BUT NOTHING WORKS! And all these are MY responsibilities because NO ONE ELSE will help.

Heard of those bitter spray that I can spray onto things that irks him so that he wouldn’t want to bite them. I can’t really find a reason why I don’t wish to get those sprays. Perhaps because I don’t wish to rely on them, thinking that Casper is still teachable.

I have the faith in him that he will learn. But I have no faith that I can teach him well.


I’m not pissed anymore. I’VE DEVASTATED! Now I have to get new CHEAP glasses. I’m not freaking rich lah! Don’t really want to spend this money. And I just realised the optical shop I’ve been going to for so many years have been cheating on my money. All my glasses were brandless and yet cost almost the same as branded ones from other shops. FUCK!

Don’t go to Peking Optical Shop!

By the way, you wondering where’s my boyfriend?

He’s working now and has no time to care about these nitty gritty stuff and my immature tantrums. Because, well, it’s the weekends and he prefers to stay home and rest.

Don’t think Casper is cute anymore. He’s such a terror I swear!


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