I met a pervert

Near my place.

I didn’t feel too well plus I was in a really bad bad mood so I thought maybe I should go for a walk with Casper.

All leashed and prepared for the walk, I brought him down and walked the usual route.

While passing the next block, I noticed this uncle all alone, standing in the middle of our path. I didn’t pay much attention but told myself to keep a lookout.

Casper pooped the minute he was on the ground. So I had to clear his shit. The same uncle walked past us and he dropped a RED BRA! In front of me!


It was like so deliberate lah! The uncle then picked it up and walked away. What the hell was he trying to do?

Was he going round and steal people’s bras off them? I don’t know how he’s gonna do it but it’s still weird seeing such a pervertic person around my area. If there’s any molest cases around my place, he would be the first suspect.

And yes I was alone with Casper.

Casper, obviously, was in no condition where he would bite when I ask him to.

Anyway, I wasn’t in the mood to really bother about the uncle. Besides, he didn’t do anything to me. Except let me have a chance to blog about him. So, well done. He’s got his 5 minutes of fame.

Casper wasn’t in the mood to walk either. He seemed to know today’s walk was somewhat different. But oh well, he has to get used to it. In future, his walks will be just me and him.

It’s been 23 hours without food or drink (yea I know water is essential but trust me, I really really no mood) for me. And no complaints yet. I’m not feeling any bit of hunger. Diet plan proceeding well. Check.

I guess I can’t drink (alcohol) on an empty stomach either. So I guess I’ll just sleep early tonight. Puffy eyes and mild sore throat. This is NOT happening.


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