School Day #2

I was already dozing off in lecture. But at least I made some notes somewhere about what the lecturer was talking about. Anyway, he’s really cute. Picture up later, if I remember.

He didn’t manage to finish chapter 2 today though.

Vanessa saw a friend of hers who was also from NP Business Studies and she was alone so we called her to join us. Now we have to look for 3 more to form a group of 6.

Anyway, she’s Evelyn. A very talented person, according to Van. Can sing, can dance. =)

After lecture, I met up with Bimbotic Wanjun for lunch in school because she had a paper that ended at 1 as well. But ended up, I waited for her like half an hour!

That girl had to rush back to work after lunch so our lunch was like lightning speed fast. It didn’t help when the waiting time was so long! I was gobbling my food while picking out the onions and capsicums. I was really bloated after lunch but Wanjun said the food was too little to fill her stomach!

I hate her lah! Eat so much yet so bloody skinny! Eeeek!

It’s the genes lor! Damn!

By the way, we ate Chicken and Mushroom pasta which was quite nice. I hadn’t eaten at Megabites for the longest time ever!


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