School day #3

We formed our group of 6 already. If not wrong, 5 of us were graduates of NP. But I’m the only one in BIT. Haha. The girls are so friendly and smiley. Hope we have lots of fun during projects.

Last night, I was down with bad flu and cough and headache. It was bad. I almost didn’t want to go to school today. But oh well, just go lah. Otherwise my school fees very wasted leh!

After school, I rushed home to cook instant noodles. Cos I have been craving for it for the longest time. YUM! Maggi Assam Laksa flavour. Been eating it since a child!

Then I did the usual stuff, online surf net, watch movies, watch dramas, watch variety shows. The usual mundane stuff. Sian. I bathed Casper. He still hates bathing. I wonder why.

Wanjun had a job offer for me. Safra promoter again. It’s next weekend but I’ve got school on that Saturday and I don’t like the working hours.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my future. Career, marriage, family. Stuff that adults think about. And realise I’m getting old and not too mature yet. Haiz.

And I know this is boring you. Okuntil I have something interesting to blog about.


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