It’s our privilege

Do you know that a good complexion is VERY important to girls?

Do you know that girls are born with the privilege to CARE about how we look? Otherwise we’ll be boys. No! Even boys take care of their body and skin, you know?

Do you know that aging is one of the biggest worry for us girls?

Do you know why girls are willing to spend on different types of beauty products just to find the perfect one for our skin?

I awfully hate natural beauty. Don’t ever tell me girls with pimples, acne scars, blackheads, dark rings and puffy eyes look sexy! I tell you, this is bull!

That’s why they created beauty products like skin care and cosmetics! Even guys start doing facials to keep themselves looking radiant all the time. And what’s better? You get healthy skin too!

I’m a girl who CANNOT step out the house without my concealer. Cannot go to school without my blusher. Cannot go town without my eyeliner. Cannot go to a wedding dinner without my mascara.

I know probably only one girl who doesn’t apply cosmetics but she does regular facials to keep her face pretty.

Can you live with a girl who probably only knows how to cleanse her face?

Don’t you feel the least proud to have a pretty girl going out with you? I mean made-up pretty. Not natural pretty. The most natural beauty you see is probably the second you pop from your mum’s womb and that’s it.

Isn’t this model an excellent example? I think she’s really pretty!

Don’t tell any girl “I prefer natural beauty.” It kills her every bit of confidence. Well done, mate!

My daily skin care includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing and once in a couple of days throw in a facial mask. I have so many moisturizers that I don’t really know which is better but once I like one, I stick to it till it finishes. A very good tip from Nana jie, don’t waste the moisturizer if you found that it doesn’t suit your face. You can use it on your arms and legs as well.

Another tip is that the excess moisture from a facial mask can be applied on your arms and legs as well. They work well as a moisturizer too. =)

I recently have considered about buying whitening products. I also have decided not to go tanning anymore unless I use sun-screen instead. Don’t wish to get freckles or skin cancer in future. Tanned looks healthy but I guess on the long run, I prefer to be healthy instead of just look healthy.

As for preparing to go out (whether shopping or school), if I’m not lazy, I actually do almost the same. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, then apply sun-screen before your make up. You never know how much damage the sun can cause to your face.

Well, Madcow doesn’t get it why I’m so obsessed with skin care. I’ve tried explaining to him so many times. It gets frustrating at times but I’ll still explain to him again and again until he gets used it. Once I start to really age, I guess he will understand it then. =)

So what you waiting for? Hurry start your daily skin care routine before it’s beyond salvage.


One thought on “It’s our privilege

  1. guys are always guys lol!

    i feel if it increases our confidence level and make our bf look good, why not? as long as we aint splattering thick like cement make up which looked damn wayang, apply moderate to look fresh rather den appear tired, yellow and dull… guys shouldn’t complain so much haha!!!!!

    now seriously who wants to bring a gf who looks like e 2nd pic out? besides in japan, the girls believe a make up filled face means respect and presentation, they think is rude to be seen w.o makeup!

    i mean who watches jap porn with AV girls without make up wahahahaha!


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