Girl on the loose

I woke up with puffy pain eyes.

Dragged myself out of bed finally at 2pm.

Had quick lunch. Instant noodles again. 3 days in a row.

And then watched a bit of Gossip Girl.

I wanted some peace and quiet alone. But sister came back with friends and started playing mahjong.

That’s it. I had to leave the house.

I walked out the door with no intention on where to go, what to do.

Almost didn’t want to leave but never am I getting peace with the sound of tiles hitting the table.

I dragged my feet to the LRT station and caught the train that came the earliest and decided to just take a bus to town.

And I reached town. Then decided to get my nails done. But Mabel was full. So I walked around alone for a bit.

Bought the Mphosis shoes without even trying and went to find Lai Soon who happened to be at Taka.

Then we talked. It was like a brother sister talk. He told me what he thought about a lot of things. I took it in by listening to him attentively. But I never seemed to be able to put the pieces together. Mind was messed up. All the while, I was trying to hold back my tears. And I guess I did a pretty good job.

He then left to meet his girl and I wandered a bit more before deciding to go home.

Madcow called at 8.30 saying he just ended work and asked to meet for dinner. Not wanting to let him see me in tears, I turned him down. Besides, it was him who told me last night that we shouldn’t meet today. So why the sudden change?

I was sobbing. At the bus stop.

And on the bus.

And while walking home.

And now.

I prefer to blame it on PMS and coincidence that all these are happening.

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