This family

Sometimes I do wonder if I ever had a place in this family. Sometimes it’s the action they do and the words they speak that make me feel I’m just an outsider.


My sister called back earlier in the evening and asked me if I was home. She then asked me to download new songs within 6 months for her and transfer them to her hard disk. So she could enjoy new and nice songs.

I told her I would do it when I was free because, well, I was sick.

She called again later and said she’d be buying assam fish back for dinner. I then told her I couldn’t eat it because I was sick. I told her Madcow would be buying dinner for me so she could just get her own share.

Instead, she smsed me awhile later saying she bought curry fish head, sambal kangkong and furong egg and that I could eat a bit.

Didn’t I tell her I was sick?

Do sick people eat food like that?

Because she bought dinner, Madcow decided not to come over with dinner instead. See how I hate last minute changes?

That’s not all.

My sister went to shower and came out scolding me about not having any hot water. My house water heater is the old kind. You have to turn it on for awhile before you get hot water. My sister turned it on and bathed immediately.

Sis: Just now you bathed never turn on heater is it?

Me: I don’t turn on heater when I bathe what.

Sis: You know how many times I told mummy to turn on the heater? Next time you bathe must turn on heater otherwise everytime I come home, I’ll be bathing with cold water.

Me: I also don’t know you’ll be coming back today.

I have no effing idea my sister was this self-centered!

She being the one who seldom comes home is complaining about the water heater and how we never turn it on before her so the water is hot enough whenever she feels like coming home any minute of the day and have a nice warm bath.

I don’t know man. Tell me if you were sick and your sister made a fuss out of something not worth all the fuss, how would you feel?

Other than that, my mum called and asked if I went to school this morning. I skipped school because I had a fever plus all the other sickness last night. It was terrible. After telling her that I missed school, she was concerned about my academic instead of my health.

“How can you catch up if you missed one lesson?”

Like please! For one second, please remember I was sick! And still am! Bloody hell!

It’s saddening I tell you.


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