What I did today

What a dumb title. I know.

I went to school. Yeah. Because I felt better. Though my nose starting running again in the freezing lecture hall.

Then halfway through, I decided I should just go get Madcow’s birthday present despite my condition. And so I did. With Evelyn because she was also on her way to meet her friend at town.

But due to certain last minute changes, she didn’t meet her friend and we went shopping instead. She helped me look out for nice presents for Madcow. And again due to certain last minute changes, the present wasn’t bought. I guess it was better to get him to choose it himself.

So we went for lunch at Far east and had Long John. They seriously need to employ more staff. Fast food is no longer fast.

Then we went shopping. Arhhh…. Finally some girl shopping. We both bought these gladiator sandals which I’m still thinking how I should match my clothes with.

Then we both tried on this dress that looked pretty but was way overpriced.

Walked around a bit before bringing her for manicure at The Nail Status.

It was such a effing long time since I had my nails done. My heart shattered each time I look at my nails. Colourless and lifeless. OMG.

So yeah, I decided (finally) to get it painted BRIGHT red. To make my day happier and of course, since I haven’t got bright colours before, I thought it would be nice for a change.

And Evelyn got her nails painted too.

Then we parted. I went home. She went to her music school.

Guess what I actually did just now?


What the hell!?!? It’s like only second week of school and I’m doing something foolish already. MUST be the fever!

And probably some other things.

To think I actually thought I had a pretty fine day.

Haiz. Oh yeah. I shall post the photo of my nails soon. When I’ve got the mood.

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