On this rainy day

I over slept. Despite having the alarm and Madcow calling 15 minutes past 9am. My class was at 10. So I thought heck lah. Just sleep in. Who would wanna go school on rainy days especially since I dislike lugging an umbrella around with me.

And there. I have skipped like 2 (or is it 3) days of school in 3 weeks. No good.

Next week onwards, I will not have anymore 10am to 1pm classes. They will be from 2pm to 5pm instead. ARH!!!!!! I hate noon classes. Whoever has the mood to have class after lunch? Confirm sleepy lah! Dumbass arrangement.

Then who got the mood to squeeze the bus with thousands of kids from both SIM and NP at peak hour? Want go home also must take bus. Want go out also must take bus. Take bus = squeeze. Otherwise take cab. Take cab lagi worse. Peak hour charge. Seriously effed up lah!

Want to find part time job also give us such odd timings for school. Find ass lah.

Then want to do project also left so little time after school. How to do???

Whatever lah. School is so gonna suck from next week onwards. Luckily I have my friends. We shall all sulk together. =((((((((((


4 thoughts on “On this rainy day

  1. haha u have no mood to study in the morning.. cos of rainy days..
    and no mood to study in the afternoon cos it’s after lunch..

    rachel rachel.. wen is ur mood of studying? lol


  2. To Kerrie: never in my life I had any mood to study. 😀 hahaha so no difference.

    To Zoe: you gotta be a genius for skipping school so much. hope you can cope with your workload.. 🙂


  3. same same same. i also skip lect on that day. cool uh. we shall not skip lect on a rainy day anymore. cos it cost us $100 over for skipping a lect. wasteful. 🙂


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