I’ve got updates!

The weather nowadays is effing hot, isn’t it?

This post shall be in updates form. =)

Last Saturday, I attended a cousin’s wedding. Before the wedding, mummy wanted to get her hair coloured. She told me to accompany her. And there I was, sitting down beside her, getting my hair a new colour too. It was a long time ago since I dyed my hair. And man, was I pleased with the new colour!

*Updated with baby pics*

Anyway, that night’s dinner was the most boring yet entertaining wedding I can remember. Boring because there were lots and lots of preaching. Church preaching. Because my cousin and her husband are super Christian, according to them, and I swear more than 70% of the people there are her friends. But on the other hand, it was rather entertaining to hear their stories about how they knew each other and how they got together. It was sweet.

The dinner was alright though. Not bad for the food. But I must say the waitress at my table was really friendly. Very helpful and efficient as well. Regent Hotel. =)

Mummy still doesn’t know how to smile. =/

Sister and me. Look alike not? I feel not at all leh!

We had to leave early because well, the preaching took way too long, and worst was they paused the dinner while the preaching was going on. We left at 11pm (with the dinner probably only 3/4 way through) because my sister had to rush for a midnight movie so she had to send us back first.

That was probably the first wedding dinner I went home un-full. Boo!

Casper showing some love, after missing me for the entire night.

I camwhored once I reached home because I wasn’t given the chance at the hotel. -_-

So yeah, my photos ahead. Skip if you don’t like my face. Ha! Updates on Casper and his new fur cut after my vain photos.





This is what I wore to the wedding. The dress only cost 25 bucks from Bugis Street. =)

My hair! Yummy, isn’t it? So pretty. I like!

Love those streaks of red!

Madcow said I look like ah lian wor. Boo! Me no ah lian. Me just loving myself. But of course, I love Madcow too =)

– – – – –

On Sunday, my nephew turned 1 month old. So we went for his celebration.

My mum and I took public transport all the way to Loyang Ave. I tell you, she insisted on taking public transport. For me, it was rather a torture traveling for 1.5 hours just to get to somewhere. I almost wanted to pull her out to grab a cab. But oh well, to spare myself from her nagging, I guai guai lor.

And that Sunday morning, Casper bit my ipod shuffle and ear phones. The good thing is that the ipod is still working. The bad thing is my ear phone is spoilt on one side. Bad dog, Casper!

So anyway, the baby looked so puny. He slept all the way while we were there, only waking up for milk when we were leaving. -_- But aww… so sweet to see a life being born. These kids are our future.

Photos upload next time. Don’t have my phone cable with me now.


So young already know how to pose. While sleeping some more!

Don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks of his?

– – – – –

Today, I brought Casper for grooming. You know it’s time for a groom when he starts banging into things at home.

See why he keeps banging into things? Anyway, this is by far my favourite photo of Casper and me.

Casper and Madcow. Don’t you just love his tongue?

A preview on how Casper is about to look after grooming.

This is about the length he’s going to look.

This is how he looks now. Almost botak. But still furry. And he looks so skinny and tiny now. Haha! But I still love him.

Alright, that’s all folks!

3 thoughts on “I’ve got updates!

  1. ur hair colour like mine! I just love that colour! Wanjun sure say it’s ah lian cos she calls me that all the time TSK..my bf also calls me ah lian..whatever right who cares haha..NICE! very nice =D


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