I was saying?

I am seriously on a tight budget this month. But dear Mummy just gave me allowance for this month, so I went to spend like almost 1/3 of it just today. I odd to slap myself. =(

So I bought a new pair of shorts from Blossomz (got member so got discount), and also a few stuff from The Body Shop (also because got offer) and also a black cardigan (auntie also gave a little discount) just for movie purpose because well, I forgot to bring my jacket.


Argh! Madcow said each time I forget to bring my jacket out if we were to watch movies, I have to buy a new one so as to prevent myself from freezing inside the theatre. But I told him I won’t forget to bring the next time. Hmmm…

Never mind lah. Adds to my collection what. Haha.

Then I saw the face masks at Sasa were still on promotion. Second piece get 90% off. Almost wanted to buy. But the thought of spending more money made me very sad. Because I was so gonna get that new pair of slippers from Mphosis, and some accessories from Diva, and also some nail vanishes from OPI.

Gosh! At this rate, I seriously have to 1) ask more money from Mummy or 2) starve.

I choose the latter. Cos I already am heavily debted to Mummy. How to pay her back all my years of school fees and allowance if I have no savings at all? Die. Ok lah. Not exactly no savings. I have money but they are untouchable. Ha!

Oh well, time for bed. Got project meeting tomorrow morning.


3 thoughts on “I was saying?

  1. haha u noe wad.. i’m in e exact situation wif u..
    cos we’re too used to spending wen we’re workin le.. so it becomes a habit… a habit tt we dun wanna kick away.. lol..
    we must ren!! lol..cannot buy everything hee


  2. lol. very very bad habit! i already trying to refrain from buying. but ah… if i see something i really really like, i tell myself i don’t buy, next time no more, then will regret. so just buy. haha.


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