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Wah. One more time I’m starting my blog entry with my school module as the title, I’m so gonna become a nerd. A geek. A bookworm!

Oh shit. But I don’t know what else to put as title leh!!!

Anyway, for this particular module, we have to work on any shops either in The Heerens or Great World City. Well, that aside. This post is actually for photos. The module lecturer wanted all of our group photos and since my group didn’t take any 3 by 3 group photos, we decided to take each of our individual photos and put them nicely together.

So this is what I’ve got, after cracking my brains for ideas on how to spice up our normal boring photos.

Left to right: Vanessa, Evelyn, Yours truly

Left to right: Kerlyn, Kerrie, Zoe

There. For this module, we have to split into two groups, thus two separate photos otherwise we could have just used the photo we took at TCC.

I can spend time doing such bo liao stuff rather than to resume my assignment. Ha!

Yeah, so today, I met up with the ex colleagues along with Madcow. We had dinner at Chinatown area, or near. And then we headed home. It started pouring so heavily I had to cab home from Madcow’s place instead. And before I realise, it’s already 12.20am.

Almost time for bed. Night, people.


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