Stress kicking in

5 weeks into school and I feel the stress level going up, up, UP!

It’s crazy to see the amount of projects piling. It’s crazy to see the datelines nearing. It’s even more crazy to see I haven’t really started on any of them. =/


National Day was two days ago and i seriously didn’t feel any mood to celebrate at all. Firstly because I forgot to go get the tickets for the NDP and secondly, I have got proposal to complete. -_-

This is the second NDP I’m stuck with school projects. The last time. Oh gosh. Don’t remind me. Had to freaking go back to school lah!

Anyway, went for supper with Madcow the night of ND and had BBQ stingray. Wah. Shiokness!

Suddenly, I forgot whatever I wanted to say. Oh well.

I’m always so damn sleepy after meals. And I just had deep fried sweet potatoes as supper. Damn. Now, it’s time to bed. Please remind me to do my OB assignment because it’s freaking due next Monday!

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