Splitting headache

I’ve almost 75% done into my assignment but the minute it’s not complete, my headache will never go away. Plus, there are not just school work to worry about.

This friend of mine had to go through the shittiest thing and we’re all worried for her. At only my age, she’s experienced so much that not anyone can simply understand or feel. It’s heartbreaking to see her appearing normal in front of us yet somewhere inside her is shattered and incomplete.

I’ve had my fair share of heart breaks and disappointments. I almost gave up on allowing any guy to enter my life already. But there was still hope. I met Madcow. And though we have our arguments and quarrels now and then, we only grow stronger.

But my friend, haiz, I don’t know why on earth all these are happening to her. It’s unfair to her. Or to anyone who can totally understand what she’s going through. No matter how much she loves him, that guy will never love her the same way she loves him. It’s sad. Very sad.

Sometimes knowing that she isn’t happy because of some reasons, I don’t wish to talk to her, for fear of upsetting her even more.

Sometimes I just wish to knock her awake, to let her know this world is still beautiful. She just needs to look further.

Whatever that makes her happy, I hope she will find her happiness. Probably not any time soon. But still, believe there’s a slight chance. We’d love to see her smile again.

Please girl. There’s still hope in this world. God is fair. =)

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