Yahoo auctions closing

WHAT!?!? SIA MI!?!? SHEN ME?!?!?

It’s crazy lor. I used to shop alot on Yahoo auctions. And recently they had some maintenance issue that seemed to go on forever, I couldn’t look for cheap n probably new stuff that people don’t want. Not cheapo, but really, it saves a lot of money. =)

And now, they say they’re closing. How can??

OMG! Disaster leh! You know nowadays blog shops seem to be on the rise, their prices rise together. It’s annoying to see something I like yet not able to buy because I’m not working and my income level is almost nothing. -_- But of course if I really really like it I will still get it, just that not too happy cos spend too much. Boo!

How lah!?!? No more cheap steals liao!


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