I money no enough!

But I die die must watch the movie. After 10 years, I didn’t know what to expect after their first sequel. All I remember is the ‘ah long’ asking mark lee to take part in ‘hor-lim-pic’ because he could run so fast when they were chasing him to pay his debt. Ha.


So I went to watch. Tell you ah! MUST BRING TISSUE LAH!!! Next time, Jack Neo must provide free tissue giveaways so that we will be prepared. I’m a girl who doesn’t have the habit of bringing tissue. Tsk.

I cry until don’t know like what lah! Ta ma de. Jack Neo sadist lor. Always make his viewers cry at his movies. Then he happily watch his viewership increase. Boo! I don’t remember which movie of his doesn’t make me look ugly with my mascara and eyeliner all ruined. My eye bags immediately puffed up after the movie. -_-


The moment the part Henry Thia borrowed money from his mother to join his brother, Mark Lee, in his sale business, I was already almost tearing. His mother not even working. Whole life savings only $2000 still must give her son. Watch liao so heart pain lah!

Then the part when Henry Thia succeeded, he paid back his mother the money plus a bonus. The scene where his mother teared and they hugged each other, I cried.

Next, all three brothers met with financial issues. One by one went to borrow money from their mothers. She even had to give them her gold because her savings were too little to clear their debts. So sad lah!

Worse part coming! The mother grew older and a lot of sickness followed her. First, she couldn’t control her urine and dirtied the house. Yet, the grandchildren made fun of her, daughter-in-law complained. How can like that? End up, the three brothers decided to take turn to take care of their mothers. And they complained when they were given extra days to care for her. Tsk.

The mother’s condition got worse each day. She became slightly forgetful. Her sons decided to put her in the old folks’ home instead. The day Henry Thia brought her there, she didn’t suspect a thing. Until the moment she asked the volunteer if that was an old folk’s home, she said it was a place for the old people to ‘happy’. Then she noticed all the old people there, not a single smile was on their faces.

This part I tell you! CRY LIKE HELL LOR!

The mother turned back and saw Henry Thia running off. He was crying while running away cos he couldn’t bear to leave his mother behind but he had no choice. His mother then shouted for his name once and collapsed on the floor.


Next scene in the hospital liao.

There are so many more scenes that made me cry buckets but I shall stop here. Getting very emo now. Heart pain lor! So many people crying in the cinema leh. Luckily Madcow got tissue otherwise I don’t know how to wipe off my smudged mascara.

Anyway, this one song I’m addicted. It’s haunting my mind lah! So catchy the tune! I heard it before last time. It feels so appropriate for this movie. Haha.


Now excuse me while I force Madcow to go learn this song.

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