Limping. Me now a bai ka. Damn.

Stupid door slammed and kiap my foot. Freaking pain. Cried in the car. I bet he didn’t know. Oh well.

Next time, just let the door slam into my face.


2 thoughts on “Injured

  1. car door? *sayang*

    gal dun b upset.. guys and gals are different..

    guys tend to be less sensitive den gals..and we reali have to accept tis fact and not expect too much from them.. haha.. if my bf hurts me accidentally..all i asked for is onli a sorry..cos i noe tts all i can get from him..:) haha sumtimes he dun even say until i “OUCH” dam loud..wad to do..haha.. guys n gals are bornt to be diff..

    gals r more fragile..guys sumtime dun even feel a ting wen we hurt so tts why they’ll tink tis way..

    guys are vry ego-istic… guys have pride.. sumtimes..pride is more important den wad they luv.. tis occurs to my bf.. so i’ll nv expect to win a quarrel wen we’re outside..ha.. cos he luvs his pride more den me..:P

    but..still we managed to go thru every step in our relationship. guess it’s a give n take thingy..:) nw we’re a happy 2 yrs old couple..

    hee..u can do it too! 😛 he luvs u..a lot..i can tell! haha no matter wad he does.. he luvs u.. juz tt he doesn’t noe how to show he actuali protects u


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