Skip lecture for mahjong day

Haha I feel very guilty for skipping 2 days of school last week reason is I had to finish up my essay. And the essay was submitted today! *HUGE sigh of relief* And then we all skipped today’s lecture too because we were late and lazy.

Decided to go sing k. Then Zoe told us some story about Marina Square K Box. About an uninvited guest. Eeeek! Freaked me and Kerrie out lah! Felt immediate goosebumps!

End up we didn’t go because it was quite late when we finally finished with everything. Then since Kerrie had nowhere to go, I asked her to come along with me and Madcow and we had 3-leg mahjong just now!

I seriously seriously think my luck damn bad leh! Initially I was so winning! Then when we ended first round, I stayed put at my seat while they both switched, and I told them I usually lose badly when I don’t switch. Damn true lah! I lost the most in the end. -_-

Kerrie big winner! Haha.

Then we brought her to Bedok for late dinner. Meat ball noodles, satay bee hoon and grilled chicken wings. Wah seh. I damn bloated lah! Then her boyfriend came to fetch her and we went home too.

Anyway, recently Casper’s been acting really queer considering this is the seventh month. He’s been barking a lot lately. I hate to scare myself but it’s seriously freaking out whenever I’m home alone with him.

I just can’t wait for moon cake festival to come!! MOON CAKES!! DOUBLE YORK AND LOTUS PASTE, THANK YOU!!!! YUMMY!!!

PS. Vanessa, I hope you enjoyed your 21st. Haha. Sorry for reminding you that you’ll be another day older after today. Ha.


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