Ghosts from the past

Zoe was talking to me about 被鬼压 (pressed by ghost). Then I told her there was a period of time I had it almost every night. Especially when I lay flat on my back. So now I don’t even dare to sleep on my back. I always will turn to my side to prevent such things again. Though sometimes it does happen on my side. Not to scare my girls, but I really always kena such thing.

The feeling’s really scary. I can’t move, I can’t speak a word. I’ve tried moving just my fingers and they are just cramped up. I tried making a noise but all I find myself doing is opening my mouth but no sound comes out.

I really hope it’s because of the scientific explanation ( that the brain is too active while the body’s asleep) that I’m having such encounters. Besides, it’s the seventh month now. I’ve been rather paranoid these days too.

So recently I’ve been having nightmares for every night, without fail. I honestly have no idea why. And these nightmares aren’t of any sense at all. It’s not even things or people I know. They just appear. In my dreams. And they are freaking me out real badly. Putting the bible beside seems to not work anymore.

The only glad thing is I don’t remember the content of them.

I wonder if they are a sign. Are they trying to tell me something?


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