Ta ma de! So rude!

I was told to call up the agent for getting promoters for the Comex Show.

This guy, Daniel, is by far the rudest agent I’ve encountered.

I was freaking pissed!

The whole conversation was something like this.

Him: Where you got my contact?
Me: Zoe gave me Jonathan’s number, who gave your number.
Him: So have you worked before?
Me: Of course.
Him: Mmmm. As what?
Me: I’ve been a promoter for Oakley before. Have also done roadshows for Nokia and Safra.

blah blah blah

Him: So do you know who I am and what I do?
Me: You are looking for promoters for the Comex show.
Him: Mmm ya. Then what are you selling?
Me: I’m not sure leh. (Cos I wasn’t told. The whole story was just to call him and he will let us know)
Him: You don’t know then you still call for what? (I was damn shocked and pissed at this sentence lah!)
Me: I wasn’t told what products to sell.
Him: Ok. How many people you have there who wants to work?
Me: 4 of us.
Him: What experience they have?
Me: I’m not sure. (I thought he was supposed to call them up too???)
Him: Huh? Like that? I cannot anyhow just get people who have no experience you know? I need to know what they worked as before so I can decide. You get what I’m saying right?
Me: Yup.
Him: Ok never mind. Let me ask you. Do you have a camera at home?
Me: Yup.
Him: What brand?
Me: Sony.
Him: Ok. What made you decide to buy Sony?
Me: I liked the design, that’s why.
Him: That means you don’t care about the functions?
Me: Of course I did my homework before getting the camera.
Him: Ok tell me what homework you did.
Me: (totally sian-ed by his questions already) I searched for other cameras and looked at mainly at features like how many optical zoom, how many megapixel etc. before deciding on getting Sony.
Him: What is it that the rest don’t have that Sony has?
Me: I’d like a red camera.
Him: Oh ok. Then what if a customer wants a certain colour but it’s out of stock?
Me: I will try to convince him to get another colour instead.
Him: What if he’s like you, hard to convince to get another colour?
Me: Not sure leh.
Him: *chuckled* Ok. I’ll put your name down and get back to you.
Me: Ok sure.
Him: Bye. (in a totally cannot wait to hang up tone)

Lao niang is freaking de pissed lah!

– – – – –

Anyway, we helped Vanessa celebrate her birthday on Thursday.

Cake from Four Leaves. Choco exotic.

Damn sweet lah the cake.

Because Zoe is a ‘shu nv’ (淑女), it took 2 other girls’ help to remove the plastic wrapping around the cake. Ha.

The pretty birthday girl!

Making her wish. Hmmm… Got wish that will strike lottery not??

Blowing out the candles. 2 big 1 small. Sound like buying 4D ah?

Making the first cut of the cake.

Usually you just have to do the first cut. Because there’ll be others around to help cut and distribute the cake. =)

Now, just wait for the cake to come to you. =D

The chocolate pieces look like earrings!

We let ‘shu nv’ cut the cake so she can cut it nicely and gently. Haha.

There! The birthday girl, her friends and a sinfully sweet birthday cake. =)

5 thoughts on “Ta ma de! So rude!

  1. still got one more photo leh? our grp photo?? lol..

    anyway the comex person vry yaya… reali.. haha.. who now gives a dam on a 50 dollar a day job man.. haha.. ask him to F*** off..


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