Sick and home

Well, not exactly sick lah. More like in pain.

Yesterday I went to the dentist, luckily after waiting for a while, there was a free slot. So I got my teeth and gums checked and very nice dentist cleaned my teeth. Must really check every 6 months lor. I only late 2 months then so much problems liao. What gums infection lah, sensitive teeth lah. Whatever shit all come out can? Sian.

Then he even gave me free Sensodyne toothpaste for my sensitive teeth. And also told me to take more Vitamin C. Damn. Me being lazy, totally stopped taking my Redoxen. Anyway, after the trip to the dentist, my gums at the back didn’t hurt that much anymore. I am still hoping it’s not the molar growing. I seriously hope I’m one of those born without the molar teeth.

I found myself stuttering half the time due to the swelling of the gums and lip ulcers. So damn uncomfortable. So half the time, I couldn’t understand what I was talking about. Some words just didn’t come out the way they’re supposed to sound. Ha.

So today, I decided to stay home. Not just that. I looked in the mirror and saw the ulcers have spreaded to my outer bottom lip. It’s horrible. I look like I have done botox for my lips.

I’ve just drank herbal tea, hopefully to bring down the heatiness, I suppose. And school shall resume on friday because there’s no class on wednesday (initially) and thursday (due to RMIT graduation). =)

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