Manicure, Kbox, Mahjong

I had my nails done yesterday after so long! Mabel told me she didn’t see me the whole of July. Wah! That’s long lah. And I got a french done.

I so love the silver glittery french tips!

And I bought like 5 bottles of OPI nail vanish from them at 10 bucks. In total! But not brand new lah. All of them still have slightly more than half left. They were clearing stocks so I just got them. 4 of them are in red, just that different shades. Ha! I know, I’m (nail) crazy.

Then Madcow and I went Kbox at cine. I finally had the chance to sing my lungs out. After so damn long lah! Everytime I wanted to go, there would be something coming up. Otherwise when he wanna bring me, I don’t have the mood to sing. Hard to please huh?

I look so pale lah! Madcow too dark.

I’ve got a few videos of Madcow singing and still contemplating on posting them up. Haha!

Anyway, the gum at the back swelled to twice its size last night. It was bulging out and closing my mouth was uncomfortable. Damn. I touched it and seriously thought there was a wisdom tooth below emerging.

However, this morning, the swell went down and there was no discomfort at all. So I guess, I was just dehydrated and heaty.

Then I had porridge for lunch today. So eeek. Imagine if I were to have a wisdom tooth removal surgery, I would be having liquid food for at least a few days. The food isn’t that bad. I’m just afraid it might hurt so much I will lose my appetite altogether. But then again, I don’t even know if I’m having a wisdom tooth growing back there. To think I even got so traumatised by it I cried in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep after that.

Bah! I so cannot take the pain lah.

This afternoon, Kerrie jio-ed me for mahjong. And I missed her sms because my phone wasn’t around. End up, I got back to her at 5pm. And she came down immediately when I said got enough leg cos my sister was home. Haha. She even cabbed down to my place for mahjong and played a mere 1.5 hours before leaving to meet her boyfriend.

She lost the most in the end. Damn suay leh she. Aiyo. Girl, never mind k? Next time play again!

Madcow and I packed dinner back before bringing Casper down for a walk. It’s been long since I brought him for a walk. He got so scared of another dog that he ran and hid behind Madcow. Aiyo. He damn lousy. That dog only wanted to make friend. And that dog was so tamed lah! He was without his leash cos his owners were just sitting near. That dog, didn’t make a noise, nor run after Casper when his owner told him not to.

Boo. Casper leh? Ask him keep quiet, he barks louder. Tell him cannot run, he runs even faster. -_-

And some guy from Liverpool (the country, not the soccer team) came to pat Casper and had a chat with Madcow. Because they both are Everton supporters. Haha! What a small world. There aren’t many Everton fans in Singapore (according to Madcow) and to think that the Liverpoolian guy get to meet a fellow supporter here.

It must be happy for Madcow too. =)

After the walk, Casper had quite some time mingling with the neighbour’s kids. It tired me out man. That boy kept barking at them because those kids kept imitating his barkings, which in turn agitated Casper. It was nasty. It was like a see whose bark is louder competition.

Urgh! I dislike those kids lah. No wonder nowadays Casper gets so aggressive.

I where got aggressive? Me is Casper the friendly dog leh!

Casper is actually sleeping soundly. He even skipped his dinner. He must be tired.

Alright people. It’s school tomorrow once again. Goodnight.

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