So undateable

It is never wise to date a Taurus. Be it a male or female, or shemale if you like. But yes, don’t ever date a Taurus.

Unfortunately, I’m a Taurus myself.

Even more unfortunate, I’ve living with two other Taureans at home. That makes it 3 out of 4 in the family. My mum is an Aries, with the characteristics of a Taurus. How… unsurprising.

The ex-boyfriend was a Taurus, I could understand totally why he was so stubborn. You should never put two bulls together. Ever watched bull fights?

So you know, sometimes I have arguments with my dad. Sometimes, they get so bad I feel like killing him. I think he does have that feeling too. Sometimes, I wish he just disappears. Sometimes, I wish I never had a dad like him. Oh well, that’s another story. My point is it’s really hard for stubborn people to get along.

Surprisingly, I don’t have such an issue with my sister because she’s not home more than half the time. So, less seeing each other means less talking. We don’t even talk to each other that much therefore it’s quite unlikely we quarrel too.

My mum. What can I say? She must have been outnumbered and overwhelmed by the power of Taureans that she has become one of us.

And no, I will never want to date any of them if I’m not their own flesh and blood.

However, Taureans are good with Cancerians. But I firmly believe Taureans, still, aren’t good dates. Because whenever there’s an arguement, we have our own opinions. That results in the other parties ‘losing’ the battle. Not that they aren’t opinionated, they just will not want to continue arguing further.

Bullshit right? Taurus people really aren’t the nicest to get along with sometimes. I have never seen any love horoscope listing Taurus in the top 3, not even mentioning Top 5, positions. It’s sad lor.

Anyway, last night Madcow and I had a little cold war. I kept a distance from him the whole evening. I guess it’s not getting better today. I have no idea why. It’s not the I think I love him lesser phase. It’s more of a self-realisation phase. I still love him. But I’m not sure if the way I’m loving him is the right way.

It’s so tiring to think about it.

It must be tiring for him too, putting up with my nonsense and crap. Haiz.

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