Casper almost got lost

I had no idea what made him just run out the house like that on Friday.

After he ran out, he was lingering around the corridor. But I couldn’t catch him because I accidentally stepped on his shit at the door step which he shitted earlier on and no one found out. My sister cleared the shit while I chased after him. He was nowhere to be found at my level. And I heard his bell somewhere distant.

For that moment, I thought he could have ran into my neighbour’s flat. But nope, he didn’t. The sound of his bell was getting faint. I ran down the stairs and looked down and saw his little body running down the stairs. At the third or second level, I shouted his name. He stopped, looked at me, and continued running down.

That millisecond, I thought my dog hated me and didn’t want me anymore.

I chased down further.

When I reached the ground floor, he was nowhere to be found. Those awful scenarios flashed in my mind: my dog dashed out to the road and got knocked. Or he simply got picked up by other people. But I continued looking around. I kept hearing his bell but just couldn’t find him.

So I looked behind pillars and walls.

Finally I found him at the drain near the cars. He looked as if he was about to jump. I tried to catch him, he ran off as if trying to play catch with me, except this time, there weren’t four walls to keep him enclosed.

Then he ran round the void deck for a bit before settling at the staircase down to the carpark and peed at the pillar. That was when I caught him.

He had no idea how panicked I was. I gave him a good spanking on his butt and brought him back home. My sister had no idea where we went until I told her the naughty fellow almost dashed out the road, then did she know he ran down to the first storey.

So I had to stay home and bathed Casper because he kinda dirtied himself. And I skipped school again. Boo. It’s fated lah. Then I just waited at home for Madcow because he was having an interview at Changi Prisons. I made my way out only when it was his turn. It took me slightly more than an hour to go down to Tampines. And Changi Prisons is 40 minutes away from Tampines MRT (which was the nearest MRT station).

It was our 1 year anniversary. We planned to have a nice dinner. So we dined at Bali Thai. The food was especially nice. Nothing disappointed me. Their service was somewhat slow though.

Then it was farm sweet farm.

3 thoughts on “Casper almost got lost

  1. bb likes to dash out of the house too! when he first came, he has this phobia for stairs so he just run from end to end or worse into neighbour’s house.

    few months passed, and he slowly overcome his phobia and decided it was time to explore more but luckily he is very slow moving down.

    a year passed, no phobia no slowness. we pant and we puff! he liked to run down to storey 5! i dunno why! but i realised there are 2 dogs there, i dunno how he gets to know that though.

    he prolly got sick of the 2 dogs and 3 rabbits sharing the same storey with us liao hahaha!

    but we sorta know he is those, the more you chase, the more he run kind. so whenever he dashes out, we try to speed up but yet not running then he will slow down his pace. and i place a packet of his jerky near the door, everytime he runs out, i will shout at the peak of my voice .. BOYBOY jerrrrkkkky then shake shake shake the pack lol. He knows the sound of the packet and will automatically come back haha.

    and i think is good u bring casper ard the neighbourhood more cos everyone regconises bb and they knw he belongs to us.


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